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Dear Competitors, – Complete Competitor List below as of 11th Feb

Well what a torrid time we have all experienced of late. To all affected in anyway, I wish a speedy rebuild and recovery. Some competitors had approached me to establish an additional fundraiser for the local community. I declined , believing so many had given now what was affordable to them, so why should I ask for more. Our great Queensland Australian spirit lives within us, being  natural helpers to the community and others nearby.

Well, back to this great Dusk to Dawn Event. It has attracted the entry of a lady in Sweden., among other great competitors. Entries are still open, the closure date has been dropped, so come on send yours in before it is too late and you miss out on a trophy.

T-shirt are still available with a brand new design this year.

So what are you waiting for, Electronic timing, new shirts and you could set a new record. Come on, be here on the 12th as part of the fun. Cheers.

Update as of 5th Feb, and there are still more coming . What a great event.

12 hour.

Ladies – Torill Fonn Harikainen (Switzland); Kerrie Morris

Men – Billy Tindall; John Pearson; Eric Quevaurilliers; Trevor Allen; Zac Braxton-Smith; Stephen Courtney; Carl Schodde; Brad Kruger; Barry Hamm; Kelvin Marshall; Nic Moloney; Geoff Last; Peter Bennett (w); Colin Solomon

6 hour.

Ladies – Seal Yates; Corina Bailey; Belinda Hamm; Cassie Smith

Men – Gregory Truloff; Paul Black; Lee Williams; Allan Mc Nevin; Lee Walmsley; James Bamber; Ryan Storey; Tynan Narywonczyk; Wayne Gibbons; Les Tobin; Craig Hooper; Craig Bates


Glen (Horrie) Lockwood


Angela Gratton (fm); Andrew Charles; Laurie Laine; Roger Guard; Michael Stocker


Hamish Rowley; Adrian Pearce; Sean Healy; John Taylor

Half Marathon

Shannon Proffit (fm); Eddie Fardell; Matt Lyne; Renae Jones (fm); Julie Hooper(fm); Anna Maria Drouin (Canada)

Relay Teams

3 x 2hrs

The Merry Runners (fm); Meat and 2Veg (mix); Bayside Runners (fm); Brazen Bayside Runners (mix); Bayside Penguins (mix); The Likely Ladies (mix); Bayside International (m); The Dennis Doyles (m); Rat Pack (m); BRW – Team KKS (mix); Mums on the Run (fm); Thorn between 2 Roses (mix); The Green Hills (mix); The Grit Gals ( walk fm); Bladamskru -Ger (mix); Caboolture Road Runners 1 (m); Northside Aikido (mix)

2 x 3hrs

Running Down A Dream (mix); Run 4 Fun (m); Paws Awhile (mix); The Expendables (m)



4 Responses to The 2011 Dusk to Dawn Entry List

  • Lee Williams says:

    Great to see the entry list growing. What time do we need to be there on Saturday for registration, etc.


  • Geoff says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your question.
    You are welcome anytime after 3.30pm
    As there has been recently been so many changes to the Historical Village, instruction might be wise for all following readers.
    Travel Beerburrum Rd north past the show grounds, next turn left to Tuckeroo St, then right parallel to Beerburrum Rd (one way) proceed north to gate 4.
    Park where available. Cars are allowed in to grounds to drop off only, must exit well before event starts. Can return in the morning to reload.
    Remember breakfast is available for $10.00 if choose. Hope that helps. Failing that, please call 0412 789741 for assistance

  • Mark McGowan says:

    I won’t be able to get to Caboolture for the Dusk to Dawn, but I will be there on Thursday 28 July for the 48 hour. Have a great event over this weekend, see you in July.


  • Geoff says:

    Thanks Mark for your well wishes. Look forward to seeing you again in the 48hr in July. All the best to the family.
    Hope the wet has not done too much damaged. I will be up your way for the Pentath in May, might catch up, cheers.

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