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Here is the full event information, pricing and access to the online registration.

13th Annual Bribie Beach Bash

2011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 056 H2clip_image0038_thumbThis iconic running event is now in its 13th year. From a gentle 3km stroll or run through to the full 50 kms of the Bribie beach run there is an event for every member of the family. As always, the date is chosen to coincide with a very low tide, so that we run on the hard flat sand at the water’s edge. The beach itself is hard sand lightly pebbled in places with a few shallow creek crossings in the longer runs only. So easy, so much fun, so beautiful. So see you all there! Come one come all to this great morning of fun running the beach in Paradise.

This MS Charity Fundraising Event is cheap to enter, not for profit, instead forwarding the proceeds to our beneficiary Multiple Sclerosis Qld. It is an lovely day out for the family with a BBQ to follow.

There are 7 Event lengths


Start Time

Entry Fee

Team Entry Fee









Half Marathon




















Family discount of 10% is available for families of 2 adults and up to 4 children living at the same address.

Race-walkers and runners welcome in all events. Teams are also welcome. (note casual walkers not accepted in 50km and Marathon distances).

Cut off time for all events is 1PM. Halfway cut off times are 9:30am for 50km and 10am for the marathon. Entrants reaching these turnarounds after the cut off time will be driven back to base.

Event details

  • Where – NORTH STREET WOORIM BRIBIE ISLAND (surf side). Getting to the Start. Once on Bribie Island follow the signs to Woorim. At the 2nd round about keep the BP on your left then stay on the main road to Woorim. On approaching Woorim you will be faced with a car park, turn left  (North St) drive about 800m on right to the first BBQ area. It will be noticeable with all the cars around.
  • When – 13th OCTOBER 2013
  • Course – FLAT & SANDY, all events up and down the beach. The run starts & finishes in the BBQ area. You will run down onto the firm sand and then turn left up the beach. You will run half your distance to your turn around marker then back to the finish.
  • Cut off time – Midday for all events – only 50km competitors may start earlier
  • Water points – 1.5k(t)>3k (t)>5k (t)>7.5k(t)>10.6k(t)>14km>18k>21.1km (t)>25k return
  • Electronic timing chips will be used in all events accept the 3k (please return them or find a $50 bill in the mail). Remember to allow extra 30 minutes to register & to fix your timing chip to your shoe laces.Please return your chip after your event or you could find a $50.00 bill in the mail.
  • Food and lollies at water points
  • At start/finish area BBQ & drinks from 9.30am ( a gold coin donation)
  • Only in Ultra, Marathon & Half are walkers eligible for a placing
  • Minimum entry age for Half Marathon and over is 18 years
  • Spectators & crews area at start/finish or by 4wd along beach
  • Vehicle beach permit required contact local Council phone 5420 0100
  • Water on course at many points. Competitors recommended to carry own water
  • Teams must finish together for placing
  • Relay team members will run individually out and back to their half distance mark. There will be special turn around signs for each relay turn. Chips will need to be swapped at the start / finish.
  • 50km relay teams of 2 will run 25km each
  • Marathon Relay teams of 3 will run 14km each
  • Half Marathon Relay teams of 2 will run 10.5km each
  • You will be running where 4WD vehicles drive along the beach, please stay alert watching for vehicles. Plenty of notices will be placed along the beach advising motorists of the event. Please ensure MP3 players are quiet enough to hear vehicles approaching from behind.
  • Presentation for all short events up to 15km will be held at 10:45. Presentations for other events will be held after last competitor returns.


Event Prizes

  • There will be many random prizes – people whose names are drawn must be present to collect
  • Free t- shirt to the first 110 competitors to register (excluding 3km competitors)
  • All 3km competitors will receive a free water bottle
  • Place getters in each event receive a trophy
  • A special trophy to the oldest & the youngest competitor (must compete)


Event Entry Details

  • We now have online entries available and there is 2013 Bribie Beach Bash Entry Form. Please note all competitors whether in a team or solo Must fill in an entry form. Without a signed form agreeing to the waiver you will not be issued a chip and may not start.
  • Online Entries close 11:59pm Saturday 12th October 2013
  • Late entries accepted on race day up to 30 minutes before the start of your event with a fee of $5.00/person per event. Cash only accepted for entries on race day
  • No refund if unable to compete on the day including any circumstances uncontrollable by race director
  • This is a fundraising event solely to raise funds for our favourite charity
  • Race Director – Geoff Williams Ph/Fax 07 5497 0309 Mob 0412 789741.
  • OR Mail to Queensland Ultra Runners Club 87 MacGinley Rd, Upper Caboolture Q 4510
  • OR Direct Deposit – Heritage Building Society BSB 638 070 Account No 006802389 – place a name after the deposit
  • Please assist catering for food & trophies by registering early




Race Report by Director Geoff Williams – edited by Tim Miller

The Historic Village at Caboolture saw an influx of competitors on Thursday afternoon setting up what they would call home for the next few days. While tent poles were being erected & pegs hammered into the ground, the volunteers from the Village were working away positioning light poles & filling over the water drains around the track.Come Friday morning competitors & crew were again busily constructing more tents & covers for their long endurance event ahead. We were honoured to have our past Deputy Mayor Greg Chippendale who is the local Councillor for the area start the event with our traditional ringing of the cow bell.

2013-07-20 Cab2448 4007Sixteen ladies & gents strolled away from the start line, followed shortly after by Tony Collins whose late flight arrival had delayed him by about 10mins. In the seventeen, three were from abroad. Torill from Sweden, Norio Ito from Japan & Cheng from Taiwan. The remainder were local or interstate competitors. Some have been here before while for others, this was their first event at the village as well as their first 48hr endurance event. Everyone started steady knowing this 48hr event is not only a physical challenge but a mental one too.

Just think for a moment, how you would like seeing the same scenery for 48hrs, even though running the other way every hour. Some must have known every drain pipe on each building as they passed. At least there was “pleasant music” (depending on tastes) to sing along with, helping to pass the hours & keep thought some habitation must be close by. (Some people thought there was way too much of Elvis. Ed.)

The weather on Friday was referred to as Melbourne weather, for it was neither hot or cold, wet nor dry. I remember Tamyka saying she did not know how to dress as it continued to change throughout the day. I think for the competitors, it was best suited without being too hot. For the onlookers a bit bleak. Everyone pushed on steadily though Friday clocking up many laps in good running conditions. Kevin Muller started steady but strong leading the way with what appeared a set plan as did Torill and Peter Bennett our local champion walker.

Saturday morning saw the start of the State 24hr & 12hr events. Thirteen toed the line, one being a relay team member. Deb Nicholl started strong & fast, obviously a set plan. She holds the 12hr record here & all could see she was out to set a 24hr one too. Laurie Laine also was stepping into new territory by entering the 24hr after a bold 2nd to John Pearson in February here earlier in the year.

Isn’t it amazing the performance of all these athletes in circling around this 500m track obviously going nowhere yet travelling so far?

Sadly some withdrew for whatever reasons, some needing attention for injuries, while others like Billy Pearce & John Timms had fun chatting & socializing after pulling out. Whatever your reason, thanks for your support.

As Saturday progressed so did the start of other events, the 6hr, 3hr & 1.5hr, all with challenging competitors.

But what of that wind in the afternoon blowing tents, tarps & umbrellas around? I wonder what the competitors thought of that? Fortunately it did not last for long, but I think it did justice in blowing away a bad storm heading our way. After the wind settled, some light rain was felt through the night yet the temperature did not fall as in past years. No matter what the weather was doing Kevin, Torill, Deb & Laurie pushed on increasing their kilometres and setting records. As did Peter Bennett walking.

2013-07-19 Cab2448 734Sunday saw a new dawn with sunlight. Those last few hours brings out the mongrel in everyone as they push further & further into areas of pain their body has never experienced. Although they smile, is it with happiness or pain, as they lift their legs to take yet another step? We must be blessed with the good weather. Although we had showers which made the track slightly muddy, neighbouring areas had hours of heavy rain. Must be those running gods looking after all these great athletes.

No matter how ones looks at it or summarises the weekend, you must applaud the athletic endurance of the winners. I can not record seeing Kevin stop running. Congratulations to everyone for setting so many records.


Following are some short transcripts from others attending the event, showing you how amazing these people really are:

  • Best 24 hour performance by a woman on Australian soil…Deb Nicholl (NZL, but soon to be an Aussie) with 239.564km (previous Stanger Helen NSW 229.080 Coburg, VIC 23-Aug-98 48 track)…just 2km outside the world age group record (40-44).
  • Also for Deb Nicholl world record for W40 for 100 mile split in 14:54:45 surpassing the previous mark of 15:05:52 held by Sue-Ellen Trapp since 1990.
  • World personal best (M40) to Kevin Muller for his 48 hour performance of 407.560 surpassing the previous mark of 371.475 km held by Simon Schmid.
  • Nordic record for Torill Fonn for her performance of 341.559km in the 48 hour.
  • Jodie Oborne ran the 12 hour with the objective of running 100km in sub 9 hours for a qualifier for the Australian 100km team. She achieved this in 8:53:11 and went on to run out the 12 hours with 123.188, breaking the W?? record (not sure what age group she’s in, but it will be a new record regardless)
  • I think that Stephanie Burrell may have also got an age group record for her 105.546km in the 12 hour but I don’t know her age group
  • 3 women surpassing 300km in 48 hours Torill Fonn 341.559, Tamyka Bell 305.512 and Annabel Hepworth 301.500.
  • After reading those performances without forgetting the records set by Peter Bennett walking, I will let you be the judge on how great these athletes are.

2013-07-20 Cab2448 8712013-07-20 Cab2448 8512013-07-20 Cab2448 746

Full results are up on the Timing Plus website at this link

Many thanks to –

  • Timing Plus for another great weekend of timing, live updates & visual laps to competitors.
  • Tim and the team from Dreamsport Photography capturing you at your best & worst.
  • Tim again this time wearing a different hat Jethro Consultants for managing my website and social media to this high standard.
  • Healthworld for supplying all the Endura drinks & promotional products for random prizes.
  • Kerrie & Paul Morris for all their assistance in preparing & dismounting the event and also their First Aid knowledge assisting competitors during the event.
  • My wife Betty, although not seen as much this year due to illness, thanks for your support.
  • Historical Village Society for all your volunteers helping to prepare the venue, and then packing it all away till next time. For the use of your beautiful grounds.
  • Greg Chippendale for taking time from his busy morning to start the event.
  • The competitors:
    • For your travelling from all corners.
    • For your faith & belief in me to bring you this event.
    • For your great sportsmanship manner on & off the track. Three times over the weekend I was told how polite, warm & encouraging all the competitors were to each other.
  • Crew people & support people for helping each other & being there when needed.
  • Thank you everyone involved for making this event the success it has achieved.

Running & walking is a great way to keep your body fit, healthy & strong. Never overlook the thought of injury, it comes to us all one day. So in saying that may your journey through the ups & downs of this great sport be rewarding through all your years associated with it.

Here’s to our great sport.


Geoff Williams

Race Director

I only started running ultras around 18 months ago. During 2012 I finished the Canberra 50km, Northface 100, Salomon Surfcoast Century, Rollercoaster Run plus a couple of marathons. This is both my first time based ultra and 48 hour run so should be a challenging weekend.

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 3190Hi my name is James O’Brien I am 19 years old.

Ran my first 12hour race at Caboolture when I was 18 I have since then competed in class house 100mile, wild horse 60km and 30km and another 12 hour this year at Caboolture again. I love my ultras and am training for the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon.

Quick Summary

Dates 19, 20 and 21 July 2013

All Event Information

Online Registration

Participant List

Pre-purchase Photo deals


Started competing in ultras about 5 years ago and love the challenge of pushing till there is nothing left. I’m never going to win any awards but I’m slowly improving my times or distances. I’ve met some fantastic people that I can now call friends through running in the events and hopefully that continues. Would love to do the Coast to Kosci one day. Will have to get the qualifying time or distance first!!!!

Ultras completed over last couple of years:

  • 2012 GH100 – 100 miles – 28:56:11
  • 2012 GH Flinders Tour 50km – 5:55:42
  • 2012 Gold Coast Marathon – 42km – Time 3:52:04
  • 2012 – 12  hr Caboolture – 90.5km
  • 2013 – 12hr Caboolture – 101.5km
  • 2013 TNF 100 – 100KM – Time 17:37
  • 2012 Nerang SF 50km – Time 6:41:03
  • 2013 Nerang SF 50km – Time 6:07:01

clip_image001Cassie Smith AKA "BONKERS"

Started running in 2005 and completed my first marathon in 2006….didn’t take me long to grasp the concept of ultra running………."when a marathon just isn’t enough"….

Have just completed number 52 – which is made up of 25 marathons and 27 ultras……Caboolture will be number 54.

Been a supporter of Geoff’s runs for a few years (both Caboolture and Bribie) but last year was my first venture out of the 6 hour run into 12 hour then the huge jump to 48 hour….. I had some pretty bad tummy issues that pulled me off the track for around 11 hours last year so I am very hopeful of a much better result this year.  I had a great year overall last year with successful runs at both Coburg 24 hr and Sri Chimnoy in Sydney 24 hr qualifying me for Coast to Kosci in December of which I made it to the 190k mark in the 240k race.

Big goal and plan for this year is to FINISH Coast to Kosci in December so the Caboolture 48 hour is a really good way for me to run for 2 days to get some excellent mileage in and practice my nutrition and race plan.   We will have our usual "Team Bonkers" tent set up with plenty of support crew and good cheer!!!

Very excited and looking forward to a fantastic weekend with Geoff and the crew…….

My short history of recent events & achievements is easy to keep brief.

  1. Recent events are limited.
  2. The achievement is always to finish and still be vertical.

2003-2006 Completed a few marathons. Best time 4hrs 12mins.

2010 Completed Northface 100. Time 23hrs 56mins.

The Northface 100 showed me I can keep moving for 24 hrs. Hence the challenge of 48hrs.

Regard me as a participant rather than a candidate for line honours, as my only competition is against myself.

I’ve done a total of 25 24h races, best performance in the World Champs, Steenbergen 2013 with 220.777km

I’ve done 4 48h races, best performance in Skövde, Sweden 2011 with 312,7 km

A few 12h races, best performance 2010, in Norway with 123,1 km

A total of 63 various Ultras since the first in 2004

I do mostly time ultras and don’t mind shorter tracks

Looking forward to push my pb a bit further this year

This year I’ve done:

  • The Atacama Crossing (F3, 42:06, 250km)
  • North Face Thailand (F3, 12:22)
  • North Face Australia (17:05)
  • Wildhorse Criterium 70km (F3, 9:14)
  • Coburg 24 hrs (177.543 km, F5)
  • Stromlo 12 hours (107.984, F3)
  • Narrabeen all-nighter (108.362km)

That’s just this year. I’ll be doing the Big Red Run just ahead of Caboolture – I’m exploiting the masochism of this in my fundraising for Big Red Run.

I do have a day job and my husband does an awful lot of looking after our 7yo when I do these events. Rarely, very rarely, they show up to watch me suffer.

Done Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 2012 and 2011. Was my first 100km, and still probably my favourite. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go all the way there, it’s still the only race I’ve done where there is a real threat of an ugly yak encounter.