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Dusk to Dawn 2018 Entry Form

Beneficiary Caboolture Historical Village


2016-02-13 Dusk 2 Dawn 2274This iconic running event is now in its 23rd year. The circuit is a graded decomposed granite 500 metre oval shaped loop with a slight rise and fall. It is situated in the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village running through the various historical buildings. The running direction is changed every hour.

There are many event categories

Distance Details Entry Fee Options
Solo Marathon Run Min Age 16 $55 Male Female
Solo Half Marathon Run Min Age 16 $40 Male Female
6 Hr Solo Run Min Age 16 $60 Male Female
6 Hr Solo Walk Min Age 16 $60 Male Female
12 Hr Solo Run Min Age 16 $80 Male Female
12 Hr Solo Walk Min Age 16 $80 Male Female
50 Km Solo Run Min Age 16 $60 Male Female
50 Km Solo Walk Min Age 16 $60 Male Female
100 Km Solo Run Min Age 16 $80 Male Female
100 Km Solo Walk Min Age 16 $80 Male Female
15 Km Run Min Age 16 $15 Male Female
10 Km Run Ages 9-15 only $10 Male Female
6 Hr 3x2Hr Relay 3 person team $100 Male Female
6 Hr Mixed 3x2Hr Relay 3 person team $100
6 Hr 2x3Hr Relay 2 person team $100 Male Female
6 Hr Mixed 2x3Hr Relay 2 person team $100
12 Hr Relay Min 4 members, max 18 $200
50 Km Relay 2 person team $100
100 Km Relay 2 person team $200
100 Km Relay 5 person team $200


All events start at 6PM 10 February 2018

  • · Minimum age for all events other than 10km is 16. 10km event is for 9-15 year olds only.
  • · Are you presently taking any prescribed medication? If yes, please detail all your medication & the reason you are taking it. Is your doctor aware you are intending to enter this event? A letter from your doctor stating their approval of your entry & into which event must accompany your entry, by either scanning to email, fax or posting. If known to be on any prescribed medication & you do not supply the above, you will not start. This is your responsibility, failure to supply details could endanger yourself should a medic attend you.
  • · Any person under the age of 18 years must have written consent from their parent or guardian to enter this event including the event they are entering. A parent or guardian of any under 18-year entrant must stay trackside during the full time they are competing.
  • · Race walkers entering any event must walk at all times & MOVE FROM THE CENTRE OF THE TRACK WHEN ASKED. Non-compliance with race officials’ instructions will result in competitors being removed from the event and banned from continuing to compete.
  • · Rules allowing faster competitors to pass on the inside of the track must be followed.
  • · The 100k event must be completed within the 12hours. If you do not complete 100k in the 12hrs your distance will still be recorded. If no one completes the 100k’s in the 12hrs, there will be no awards.
  • · THIS EVENT IS NOT AN AURA EVENT instead a fun event with no pressure but training for future events in an environment filled with fun, laughter & heaps of knowledge. You are invited to this happy event.
  • · Everyone is welcome no matter your pace or size, come along, bring your friends & family for it is a safe place.


Event details

  • Where – Caboolture Historical Village Beerburrum Road, Caboolture. Entry through Gate 4 at north eastern end of the complex.
  • 1 Water point on track contains free water and Endura and fresh fruit. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own hydration and nutrition supplies.
  • Electronic timing chips will be used in all events (please return them or find a $50 bill in the mail). Remember to allow extra 30 minutes to register & to fix your timing chip to your shoe laces. There is a TV monitor displaying distance at the main mats.
  • Competitors & crew may only bring vehicles in or out of the complex up to 30 minutes prior to the event or after the event finishes. No vehicles allowed on track during the event.
  • Relay team members must run their allocated time before changing. Chips will need to be swapped at a timing mat as directed. Eg. A 6 hour 3x2hr relay team of 3 people must each run 2 hours straight before changing.
  • 12hour relay teams choose when they wish to change & as often as they wish, with only ONE competitor on the track each time
  • MP3 players are allowed. However please ensure MP3 players are quiet enough to hear race instructions over the PA and runners approaching from behind.
  • Presentation for all timed events will be held approximately 20-30 minutes after the event finishes. Individual presentations for distance events will be shortly after each placed competitor finishes.


Event Prizes

  • Place getters in each event receive a trophy



Event Entry Details

  • We now have online entries available and there is also a paper entry form. Please note all competitors whether in a team or solo must fill in an entry form. Without a signed form agreeing to the waiver you will not be issued a chip and may not start.
  • Online Entries close 12am 8th February 2018
  • Late entries accepted on race day up to 30 minutes before the start of your event with a fee of $20.00/person per event. Cash only accepted for entries on race day
  • No refund if unable to compete on the day including any circumstances uncontrollable by race director.
  • Race Director – Geoff Williams Ph/Fax 07 5497 0309 Mob 0412 789741.
  • E-mail
  • Registrations Online at
  • OR Mail to Queensland Ultra Runners Club 87 MacGinley Rd, Upper Caboolture Q 4510
  • OR Direct Deposit – Heritage Building Society BSB 638 070 Account No 006802389 – place a name after the deposit

Race Etiquette

  1. Do not constantly run or walk in the centre forcing others to run round you.
  2. Do not run or walk two or more abreast.
  3. Allow yourself to be passed by a faster competitors.
  4. Do not pass someone than slow down in front of them.
  5. Do not stop suddenly, move to one side first.
  6. When approaching the water table or crew table do not stop at it impeding another competitor’s path.
  7. On collecting a drink from the water table & you want to walk while drinking, step to one side.
  8. On the hour when changing direction at the back mats be aware of approaching competitors.
  9. Stay alert of who is around you.
  10. Remember relay runners are travelling faster than you, give them room.
  11. Do not clip the heel of any faster runner.
  12. Keep any ear piece down low so you hear others approaching & all announcements.
  13. Good sportsmanship is always recognised. Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated.
  14. Abusive language not accepted.
Next Event Details

The next event is the 2018 Dusk To Dawn to be held on 10th February 20187.

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Last Event Details

The last event was the 2017 Bribie Beach Bash held on 29th October 2017.


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