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2014-10-12 Bribie Beach Bash 823The day started about 4am so as to be prepared to welcome the 50k early starters. Once they were sent on their way about 30mins before the remaining field, I moved onto the beach measuring & installing all the required signage & water.

As the sun rose, one had to pinch oneself to ensure one was not dreaming. The glitter of the rising sun over the rippling blue water was a masterpiece picture in itself. Unless one was there to see the beautiful colours, one would struggle to describe it. The wide white sandy beach stretching out to meet the tranquil ripples of the clear blue ocean gently rolling in over the sand. While above a new day was coming to life with the glitter of the golden sunrise stretching from the horizon across the vast ocean to land. Was this paradise?

As I drove further up the beach campers were out attempting to catch fresh fish for brekkie. With a little wave or nod of the head as I drove past they appeared to accept our presence.

Reaching the furthest point 25k up the beach, a marker was placed indicating the turning point for the 50k competitors. It was at this point, I left Jeff to follow the last competitor back sweeping the course on his return. Two SES vehicles also met up. They divided the course in half attending to water stations & the needs of competitors. As the day moved on they also moved signage & water stations onto the dry sand as the tide turned inward. The local police came along too, being useful reminding campers returning home of the event. I even had the ranger catch me up to confirm some last minute paperwork. With all this happening, the event kept rolling on incident free thanks to the great helpers back at the start/finish area.

Sadly competitor numbers were down this year, but I am sure those who kindly gave their morning to support this MS fundraising event, enjoyed themselves.

There were some fast times in different events, visit results to view these. Some just came to help fundraise. No matter your reason for being there, it was greatly appreciated. All the details are not finalized yet as we are waiting on a reply on some costing figures which may take a little time, so I estimate a cheque to the amount of $900.00 will be deposited into MS Qld’s account. Without your entry & support they would get nothing, thanks very much.

As I write this 2014 Bribie Beach Bash Race Report, I wish to thank;

  • Linda, Brian & Darren for getting up so early & your hard work at the start/finish area
  • Ed for walking the beach to water competitors & observe
  • SES people on the beach for rehydrating the competitors, replenishing water stations & moving my signs as the incoming tide approached
  • Bribie Island police for your support & coming onto the beach reminding campers of the event
  • Jeff Chantler & your two children for being the event sweeper following the last competitor & removing all the signage & any rubbish from the beach
  • Timing Plus, Rick & Cath for another great job recording all competitors & helping with random names for prizes
  • Bribie Island Bowls Club for continuing to support this event
  • Dreamsport Photography for capturing those once in a lifetime memory shots
  • Qld Parks & Wildlife. For the help given from the staff in head office. All the Rangers on the Island for their help, assistance & advice in keeping this event going, thanks Graeme
  • My wife Betty for tolerating the worst sides of me during your time of pain & discomfort
  • And finally to all you the competitors, thank you again for supporting this charity fundraising event, raising money for those less fortunate to us, suffering Multiple Sclerosis

Hope to see you all in 2015, stay watching for future events & dates.

Train hard, run hard, but always stay safe.

Geoff Williams

Race Director

Bribie Beach Bash


The 2014 Dusk to Dawn Race Report written by Race Director Geoff Williams is presented below.

The night of the race was largely fine and the event was well attended with a record number of competitors.

The race results are on the Timing Plus website and can be viewed there.

The photos from Dreamsport Photography are also available on their website.

Dusk to Dawn 2014

Great interest had built in all the events showing a growing number of competitors unseen before. A decision was made to start the Half Marathon & Marathon earlier than the programmed time. It appeared to work well starting in the cool of the afternoon. Another new addition was a 10k run for junior ages, appearing successful too.

The gates were open for entries earlier due to the new start times and many took advantage of it. I had no sooner arrived when many followed seeking their favourite spot. It did not take long to change from a quite sleepy historical village to a carnival like atmosphere with many shaped tents positioned around the track. Great representation was shown from Bayside Road Runners, Ipswich Grammar School & Moreton Bay Road Runners, along with individuals being supported with family & friends. The music which captured some was pumped through the speakers all night helping to add that extra little while removing the quite unpleasantness during the early hours.

2014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 3256A couple of little misty showers pasted over sufficient enough to just wash away the sweat. Very little humidity nor wind, overall the weather was kind.

This would have to have been our biggest year yet with 165 competitors on the track at once, being made up with this number of competitors in each event 52 -12hr, 56 – 6hr, 10 – 50k, 2 – 100k, 12 – Marathon, 24 – Half Marathon, 9 – 10k. It was a spectacle to see all these competitors out competing totally incident free. Well in saying that one fellow had a stumble near the timing mats, while myself in a team took a tumble on the back loop clipping one of my own markers. Many thanks to St John’s Ambulance for being in attendance & patching us both up. I was impressed with the courteous sportsmanship on the track ranging from the slower competitors to the faster. Some spots sometimes became 2014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 2407congested but as quickly as they formed they dispersed. Many competitors shone again, as did new ones. Challenges from the relay teams were hard fought showing some possibility of new young ultra runners in the coming. Others who did their own thing out of the way fought with their inner self to achieve something they had never done before, well done. Some came with injuries which restricted them during the night so they reduced to the shorter event. Although a hard decision but a wise one for this is only the start of the competitive year. I won’t pick out any one or two outstanding performance because I firmly believe all who participated were outstanding in their own way. A full list of results will follow.

Thanks has to go to all the hard working volunteers within the Caboolture Historical Village Society for the beauty & tidiness of surroundings, many first timers are impressed. It is a privilege to hold this great event in these grounds. Further thanks to my small band of dedicated helpers for being trackside the full time. Timing Plus for another huge effort keeping times for all competitors. Tim and the team from Dreamsport photography for again their presence & beautiful clear shots. Endura products keeping competitors hydrated. Coca cola & PowerAde products, Caboolture Screen Printers for the fantastic caps & St Johns Ambulance for their attendance & skills.

I hope everyone enjoyed this year and you return in 2015 for our 20th year.

Thank you for entries & support.


Geoff Williams

Race Director


2013-10-13 Bribie Beach Bash 636Another great Sunday morning was started with the arrival of the early starters for the 50k & Marathon. They were clocked off in a slightly dark atmosphere during a high outgoing tide. Unexpectedly a strong northerly was to meet them once on the beach.

As the tide lowered I attempted getting onto the beach but sadly did not quite make it before calling for a tow down. Then the trip to the start line to start making, measuring & setting up the water stops. We were hoping after purchasing new signs & attaching at the end of tall start pickets, no one would miss their turn around point.

It appeared to work as I did not hear of anyone over shooting their point.

As I continued setting out the turn markers, other competitors were arriving for their events, so they progressively started as programmed. Everything appeared great other than that northerly wind, great returning with it behind you though.

As the tide reduced, the competitors increased, along with the vehicles enjoying the sun on a great low tide. My two patrol vehicles worked well together keeping the water stations replenished along with anyone asking for a top up. They also helped notifying motorists of the event. It seemed a good relationship.

It now came time for me exit the beach which I finally managed after my first failing attempt.

On returning to the start/finish area, I was first surprised at the amount of vehicles parked. Then as I approached the recovery area, all I saw was a continuous flow of people crossing the finishing mats following each other to the fruit. As quickly Kerrie cut it a hand or two took it.

My wife Betty worked on cooking the sausages, which did not appeal to a lot this year, while Adam made the fresh coffee. Yet these two combined did not match the popularity of fresh fruit.

I would like to praise different runners & walkers for their great effort on the day but there are so many I would surely miss some and then feel bad. So to all who took part thank you. To those whose times were bettered this year, well done.

I know we had extra on the day, thanks for making that last minute effort. I understand there was a total of 259 entrants which I think was the best or very close to it. As for funds raised, still paying bills so when the final figure is known it will be displayed on all sites. As will be a full list of results.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, if so please tell your family & friends so we can see you in 2014. If any disputes, please address them to me.

We all work hard to bring this event to Woorim. Through this event we have been to meet & talk with local businesses & residents who I know favor this event for it is on their side of town. Thanks to you the supporters who are polite & friendly.

So after a great event along the foreshore of Woorim Beach, the packing up started.

There are many to thank for their contribution towards & during this event so I would really like to start at the top by personally thanking my wife Betty & our very dear friends Kerrie, Paul & Des.

2013-10-13 Bribie Beach Bash 170As for business support

Endura, products& merchandise

Bribie Island Bowls Club

Bribie Island Caravan Park

Bribie Island RSL

Pacific Harbour Golf & Country Club

Woorim Beach Meats

CJ’s Pastries Woorim

Blue Pacific Hotel

Minister for National parks Recreation, Sport and Racing

Qld Parks & Wildlife Service

Bribie Island Police

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Alpha Omega Engraving

Caboolture Screen Printers

Bunnings Morayfield

Dreamsport Photography

Jethro Consultants


Please visit these places, try their food, drinks and accommodation.

Until 2014, stay fresh for more fun.

Thank you for reading this Race Report

Geoff Williams

Race Director


Race Report by Director Geoff Williams – edited by Tim Miller

The Historic Village at Caboolture saw an influx of competitors on Thursday afternoon setting up what they would call home for the next few days. While tent poles were being erected & pegs hammered into the ground, the volunteers from the Village were working away positioning light poles & filling over the water drains around the track.Come Friday morning competitors & crew were again busily constructing more tents & covers for their long endurance event ahead. We were honoured to have our past Deputy Mayor Greg Chippendale who is the local Councillor for the area start the event with our traditional ringing of the cow bell.

2013-07-20 Cab2448 4007Sixteen ladies & gents strolled away from the start line, followed shortly after by Tony Collins whose late flight arrival had delayed him by about 10mins. In the seventeen, three were from abroad. Torill from Sweden, Norio Ito from Japan & Cheng from Taiwan. The remainder were local or interstate competitors. Some have been here before while for others, this was their first event at the village as well as their first 48hr endurance event. Everyone started steady knowing this 48hr event is not only a physical challenge but a mental one too.

Just think for a moment, how you would like seeing the same scenery for 48hrs, even though running the other way every hour. Some must have known every drain pipe on each building as they passed. At least there was “pleasant music” (depending on tastes) to sing along with, helping to pass the hours & keep thought some habitation must be close by. (Some people thought there was way too much of Elvis. Ed.)

The weather on Friday was referred to as Melbourne weather, for it was neither hot or cold, wet nor dry. I remember Tamyka saying she did not know how to dress as it continued to change throughout the day. I think for the competitors, it was best suited without being too hot. For the onlookers a bit bleak. Everyone pushed on steadily though Friday clocking up many laps in good running conditions. Kevin Muller started steady but strong leading the way with what appeared a set plan as did Torill and Peter Bennett our local champion walker.

Saturday morning saw the start of the State 24hr & 12hr events. Thirteen toed the line, one being a relay team member. Deb Nicholl started strong & fast, obviously a set plan. She holds the 12hr record here & all could see she was out to set a 24hr one too. Laurie Laine also was stepping into new territory by entering the 24hr after a bold 2nd to John Pearson in February here earlier in the year.

Isn’t it amazing the performance of all these athletes in circling around this 500m track obviously going nowhere yet travelling so far?

Sadly some withdrew for whatever reasons, some needing attention for injuries, while others like Billy Pearce & John Timms had fun chatting & socializing after pulling out. Whatever your reason, thanks for your support.

As Saturday progressed so did the start of other events, the 6hr, 3hr & 1.5hr, all with challenging competitors.

But what of that wind in the afternoon blowing tents, tarps & umbrellas around? I wonder what the competitors thought of that? Fortunately it did not last for long, but I think it did justice in blowing away a bad storm heading our way. After the wind settled, some light rain was felt through the night yet the temperature did not fall as in past years. No matter what the weather was doing Kevin, Torill, Deb & Laurie pushed on increasing their kilometres and setting records. As did Peter Bennett walking.

2013-07-19 Cab2448 734Sunday saw a new dawn with sunlight. Those last few hours brings out the mongrel in everyone as they push further & further into areas of pain their body has never experienced. Although they smile, is it with happiness or pain, as they lift their legs to take yet another step? We must be blessed with the good weather. Although we had showers which made the track slightly muddy, neighbouring areas had hours of heavy rain. Must be those running gods looking after all these great athletes.

No matter how ones looks at it or summarises the weekend, you must applaud the athletic endurance of the winners. I can not record seeing Kevin stop running. Congratulations to everyone for setting so many records.


Following are some short transcripts from others attending the event, showing you how amazing these people really are:

  • Best 24 hour performance by a woman on Australian soil…Deb Nicholl (NZL, but soon to be an Aussie) with 239.564km (previous Stanger Helen NSW 229.080 Coburg, VIC 23-Aug-98 48 track)…just 2km outside the world age group record (40-44).
  • Also for Deb Nicholl world record for W40 for 100 mile split in 14:54:45 surpassing the previous mark of 15:05:52 held by Sue-Ellen Trapp since 1990.
  • World personal best (M40) to Kevin Muller for his 48 hour performance of 407.560 surpassing the previous mark of 371.475 km held by Simon Schmid.
  • Nordic record for Torill Fonn for her performance of 341.559km in the 48 hour.
  • Jodie Oborne ran the 12 hour with the objective of running 100km in sub 9 hours for a qualifier for the Australian 100km team. She achieved this in 8:53:11 and went on to run out the 12 hours with 123.188, breaking the W?? record (not sure what age group she’s in, but it will be a new record regardless)
  • I think that Stephanie Burrell may have also got an age group record for her 105.546km in the 12 hour but I don’t know her age group
  • 3 women surpassing 300km in 48 hours Torill Fonn 341.559, Tamyka Bell 305.512 and Annabel Hepworth 301.500.
  • After reading those performances without forgetting the records set by Peter Bennett walking, I will let you be the judge on how great these athletes are.

2013-07-20 Cab2448 8712013-07-20 Cab2448 8512013-07-20 Cab2448 746

Full results are up on the Timing Plus website at this link

Many thanks to –

  • Timing Plus for another great weekend of timing, live updates & visual laps to competitors.
  • Tim and the team from Dreamsport Photography capturing you at your best & worst.
  • Tim again this time wearing a different hat Jethro Consultants for managing my website and social media to this high standard.
  • Healthworld for supplying all the Endura drinks & promotional products for random prizes.
  • Kerrie & Paul Morris for all their assistance in preparing & dismounting the event and also their First Aid knowledge assisting competitors during the event.
  • My wife Betty, although not seen as much this year due to illness, thanks for your support.
  • Historical Village Society for all your volunteers helping to prepare the venue, and then packing it all away till next time. For the use of your beautiful grounds.
  • Greg Chippendale for taking time from his busy morning to start the event.
  • The competitors:
    • For your travelling from all corners.
    • For your faith & belief in me to bring you this event.
    • For your great sportsmanship manner on & off the track. Three times over the weekend I was told how polite, warm & encouraging all the competitors were to each other.
  • Crew people & support people for helping each other & being there when needed.
  • Thank you everyone involved for making this event the success it has achieved.

Running & walking is a great way to keep your body fit, healthy & strong. Never overlook the thought of injury, it comes to us all one day. So in saying that may your journey through the ups & downs of this great sport be rewarding through all your years associated with it.

Here’s to our great sport.


Geoff Williams

Race Director


CABOOLTURE DUSK TO DAWN – February 9th, 10th

By Robert Lofthouse


Since its humble beginnings back in 1994 the Caboolture Dusk to Dawn has grown to the stage where the event now has the recognition and sanctioning of the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU).

The event is held annually at the Caboolture Historical Village and is conducted on a 500 metre circuit with the course itself made up of decomposed Granite which is easy underfoot and on the body as compared to the usual bike path, road surfaces.

2013-02-10 Dusk to Dawn 265This year’s event included a 12 hour and 6 hour race, 100km, 50km, Marathon and Half Marathon distances for the individual as well as Team Relays which were conducted over 12 and 6 hours. The person and Team logging up the highest mileage over the allocated 12 or 6 hours are declared the winners.

This year’s team events proved more popular than ever with 11 teams participating in the 12 hour event and 27 teams in the 6 hour event. The 12 hour event allows teams of up to 18 runners whilst the 6 hour event allows a maximum of three runners per team.

Race Director Geoff Williams and his crew were again at the helm and with an excellent timing system in place, times were continually being flashed up on the Television screen making it easy for spectators and officials to keep up with the number of laps completed by everyone. Gone are the days when lap scoring had to be done by hand and of course counting errors made as individuals struggled to stay awake in the early hours of the morning! Three cheers for modern technology and the effect it has had on this great sport of Distance Running.

12 hour Individual event and Team Relay:

With all events starting at 6.00pm on the Saturday evening it was quite crowded at the start as

individual and lead off Team runners started together.

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 2968A lot of interest in the 12 hour race centred around Australian representative John Pearson and whether or not he could make it five wins in a row on the Caboolture circuit. As well, it was going to be interesting to see if John could break the Race Record held by former New Zealand runner Deb Nicholl who was also competing on the night but in the 6 hour race.

There was plenty of atmosphere around the circuit with spectators and Relay runners everywhere yelling their encouragement and support in every way they could. There was plenty of tents as well around the course so there was no chance of any runner getting lost.

As the 12 hour race entered the last couple of hours it was obvious that it would be a matter of how close John Pearson would go to breaking Deb’s 2010 record. A good performance was also being put in by the ever improving Laurie Laine who has emerged as a contender after top 10 placings at the Glasshouse and Gold Coast 100km races in the last two years.

As the sun rose on a clear Sunday morning the clock ticked around to 6.00 am and it was over with 47 weary runners having survived the 12 hour journey and of course the mind battles which no doubt many had at various stages of the night.

In the final wash up, John Pearson won after logging a distance of 131.55km. He missed the course record by just .191km (191 metres)! However, his time still broke the Male course record. Laurie Laine finished less than 6km behind in second place with Gavin Bendall third.

2013-02-10 Dusk to Dawn 163Raelene Bendall capped off a great weekend for the Bendall family (who made the trip down from Rockhampton) by taking the honours in the ladies event clocking up a distance of 102.118km. It was close at the end with Mullumbimby’s Marina Brun-Smits less than 300 metres behind in second place as the 6.00am finish brought everyone to a stand still. Cheryl Symons was third.

Special mention to BRRC members Katrina Crook and Cassie Smith who battled it out to the finish with Cassie having to walk for much of the event. They ended up in 5th and 6th place respectively in the ladies section.

Team Relay – 11 teams took part in the 12 hour Team Relay with special mention to Ipswich Grammar School who fielded 5 teams including a team of Ipswich Grammar coaches and teachers.

The Coaches team proved to be front runners all night and ended up winning with an overall distance of 138.5kms covered in the 12 hours.

The second placed team (and first mixed team) consisted of 10 runners from BRRC and The Run Inn clubs. BRRC members in the team contributed strongly throughout the night with Lucy Carvalho, Michael Schultz, Joanne Taylor, Rob Lofthouse and the Tomlins sisters Katie and Belinda

, managing a total distance of 131.5kms.


6 hour Individual event and Team Relay:

The 6 hour event proved hugely popular with 62 individuals finishing the event and 27 teams doing battle until the midnight finish.

The course record for this event had been held by Toowoomba’s Graham Medill since the year 2000

but with 12 hour course record holder Deb Nicholl electing to run this event the possibility of her claiming another Course Record was on the cards.

As the race wore on, Deb continued to surge past runners continually on the 500 metre circuit and in the process managed to keep up a km average of under 5min/km for the entire six hours. At the finish Deb Nicholl logged up an amazing 74.793km to break Graham’s 13 year record by two and a half kms. Second and third respectively in the ladies event were well known Ultra Runners Mallani Moloney and Kerrie Williamson.

The men’s 6 hour race proved to be the closest of the night with Greg Ponych (62.884 km) just edging out Nic Phipps (62.004) and Wayne Spies (61.54).

Team Relay – Teams involved in the Six Hour Relay were allowed a maximum of three runners and with 27 teams entered in this event it was quite crowded in the change over area near the Timing Mat at various stages of the night.

The winning team consisted of Ben Geldart, Andrew Douglas and Matt Cooper from the Brisbane Run Squad (BRS) who clocked up the outstanding result of 86km in the six hours. That’s an hourly average of over 14km/hour! Well done guys!

Conditions on the night were as perfect as you could hope for given that it was February which is usually the most humid month of the year in Queensland. The lack of the usual summer storms or any hint of rain made the surface ideal to run on and the atmosphere generated by the spectators was much appreciated by everyone.

Congratulations once again to Geoff Williams and his crew for putting on such a great event year after year. It must be so gratifying for Geoff to see how this event has grown since its beginning 19 years ago. With so many different distances and Team Events on offer the opportunity for everyone to take part is the reason why this has grown into the event it is today.

*Don’t forget next year is the 20th Anniversary of this unique event held in a very interesting part of the world – Caboolture Historical Village*.

12 Hour Men/Women Results

12 Hour Individual

1– John Pearson 131.55km NEW MEN’S RECORD

1 – Raelene Bendall 102.118km

2 – Laurie Laine 125.723km

2 – Marina-Brun-Smits 101.831km

3 – Gavin Bendall 116.455km

3 – Cheryl Symons 98.927km

12 Hour Teams Relay

1– Ipswich Grammar Coaching 138.50km 1st Open Team

1– Four Guys & Four Angels 131.50km 1st Mixed Team

6 Hour Men/Women Results

6 Hour Individual

1– Greg Ponych 62.884km

1 – Deb Nicholl 74.793km COURSE RECORD

2 – Nic Phipps 62.004km

2 – Mallani Moloney 62.078km

3 – Wayne Spies 61.54km

3 – Kerrie Williamson 56.813km

6 Hour Teams Relay

1– Brisbane Run Squad (3 person team) 86km


1– Brad Kruger 4: 07.33

1 – Caroline Brousseau 6:15.21

Marathon Individual

1– Stephen Courtney 3: 06.59

1 – Carol Wingreen 3:54.15

Marathon Team Relay

1 – Brisbane Run Squad (4 person team) 3:21.77

Half Marathon

1– Aodhan Griffin 1:45.50

1 – Irma Dulnuan 1:59.54

For all the individual results and lap timing check the Timing Plus website.


Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn 2013

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 2869Caboolture Historical Village has been providing their grounds for this event since about 1994 but I do not think they would have ever expected the event to have grown in popularity as displayed this year.

There were over 268 entries, and over 155 competitors started at 6pm. Sadly not all finished what they set out to achieve. Of those starters, 47 finished in the 12hr, 62 in the 6hr, 2 the 100k, 4 the 50k, 11 the Marathon & 12 the Half. What a fantastic achievement for promoting the Caboolture Historical Village as a great place to run.

From conversations heard after the event all competitors were friendly not slowing any of the faster ones from accumulating some huge kms in their chosen distance.

As I did the first turn around, I did not see or experience any difficulty. Everyone appeared to listen to announcements & followed the instructions. This helps in keeping the event running smoothly, so thanks.

The weather was great apart from being slightly humid for some South Aussies. One comment made, “I was hoping for a small shower to wash away some sweat, but still all good”.

My only complaint is with myself, I always mix up the medals for the relay teams. I never seem to get that right. Thank heavens everyone understands. One day I will surprise you all & myself.


I will not mention any particular competitors for we all know who the outstanding stars were, congratulations to them, as well to all podium finishers. Well done to everyone who attended, & registered. Hope you achieved your goal. You are all winners for being there at the finish. . Congratulate yourself for all the hard work to get the distance recorded, then go back asking yourself, “am I happy or could I have done more”. Only you can answer that. Some made it look easy, others struggled a bit, but all in all you were there at the finish, again well done everyone.

Results are available on the Timing Plus website.

As for praise, top shelf has to go to Timing Plus for another brilliant job in time keeping & presentation during & after. That huge TV showing the competitors crossing the mat attracted a larger crowd than any grand final. Many walked away in disbelief of how forward time keeping has traveled from the early days, making statements “that is so fantastic, clear & quick”. Again well done Timing Plus.

As well everyone will be saying today, “where or when did he get that shot?”.

That will mean Tim and Rohan from Dreamsport Photography have done their job again perfectly snapping those glorious shots of as many competitors possible for display. What surprises me is they are so fresh & clear. Another job well done, thanks. Photos can be purchased with a great deal of every photo of yourself for only $59.

Thanks also has to go to my personal little band of helpers, Kerrie, Paul, Darren & my wife Betty. Thank you all for your added hours in setting up & dismounting all the pegs, poles, tables, chairs, lights, marques. Without you my job would be much larger.

Thank you to our sponsor Endura for their continued support with products & merchandise, keeping competitors hydrated & comfortable. Woolworths Caboolture for a voucher allowing the purchase of goods for the event. Alpha Omega Engraving for all the great trophies & medals plus their patience with me while trying to sort out all the categories for labels on the medals.

Finally again thanks to all competitors for your continued support in holding this event and to the many side kicks positioned around the track cheering everyone on.

It is all of you who make this event what it has become today. We have record holders returning again & again to run among those breaking into ultra running. Freely giving advice when asked, on the track, during competition. Where in any other sport does one get that? Where in any other sport does one have inspiring crowds cheering each on by name? What a great atmosphere created by those loving to come to this event to just do that. Thank you.

With all the good people now around me, Timing Plus, Dreamsport Photography & my helpers, I feel proud & confident in what has taken many years to achieve to now be able to say,” this is a great event”

Thank you competitors see you at the 20th Caboolture Dusk to Dawn.


Geoff Williams

Race Director


The day started with the rising of a beautiful red sun filled with energy. The tide was still slowly reducing but sadly a strong north-easterly head wind was to be in the face of all the competitors on their way out. Returning was far easier, being pushed.

 A couple of 50k competitors got away 30 minutes earlier then the full pack which was around sunrise. Apart from the head wind it was a nice day. Another problem with the north-easterly wind was that it pushed the incoming tide in far quicker than predicted, forcing competitors into the softer sand or to wade through the rippling water’s edge.

Sadly some competitors missed out on water while we attended other stations at opposite ends. We apologise for that, it will not happen again. Plans to overcome that are already in motion.

The following events got away as programmed with large numbers attending most. The timing chips proved a success & very efficient considering the volume of competitors. Thanks guys. Good feedback has been received about your work; well done! All the results can be seen on line now.

There are also some photos online.

Presentations were slow and many had moved on sadly. But with the sausage sizzle & coffee man keeping the remaining ones entertained the presentations were given out along with many random prizes. The golf voucher was taken by a young gentleman for his boss who loves golf. Guess he will be popular with the boss for some time ahead!

Other great prizes donated from local businesses were distributed, as was the Oldest Competitor trophy, going to Graham Long who certainly did not look his age. This running must really help in keeping that younger appearance.

Apart from commenting on some great runs from super fit competitors, which will all be displayed in the results, I have no more to add other than a big big “Thank You” to each & every one of you for supporting this event. As you know your morning was given up to raise funds for MS Qld. When all is finalized, money raised will be displayed.

Thank you:

Without great support, a great event cannot be held catering for you the competitor. Please join with me by supporting & thanking the above who contributed to this the “2012 Bribie Beach Bash”.

I also want to thank my wife Betty for her suggestions, support & withstanding my down times, and our little group of strong willing workers.

Thank you competitors, hope to see you all again in 2013.

Geoff Williams

Race Director

Bribie Beach Bash

48 Hour Name Laps Distance
1 Trevor Allen 576 288.492
2 Barry Loveday (w) 567 283.500
3 Tamyka Bell  545 272.822
4 Mark McGowan 537 268.507
5 Chris Kelly 465 232.507
6 Steve Appleby 431 215.704
7 Warren Wright 421 210.517
8 Billy Pearce 400 200.000
9 Cassie Smith 351 174.769
10 Elizabeth Swain 335 166.854
11 Daniel Byeon 238 119.000
24 Hour
1 Kerrie Williamson 374 187.233
2 Peter Bennett (w)  370 185.293
3 Brad Kruger 362 180.502
4 Darren McClellan  326 163.217
5 Peter Davies 311 154.801
6 Sarah Jaques 297 148.552
7 Larissa Tichon 268 134.137
8 Steven Houldsworth 249 124.500
9 Steve Jordan (w)  231 115.635
10 Geoff Last 212 106.000
11 Keith Sullivan 203 101.500
12 Ryan Moore 160 80.000
12 Hour
1 Laurie Laine 252 126.217
2 Mallani Moloney 202 101.173
3 Katrina Crook 174 86.772
4 Denise Maguire 169 84.543
5 Koppo Kopcikas 169 84.650
6 Hour
Relay Brad/Gerald Jewel/Daly 153 76.622
1 Ron Schwebel 134 67.127
2 Shaun Mulholand 129 64.337
3 Greg Ponych 125 62.655
4 John Pearson 123 61.699
5 Mark Emr 121 60.762
6 Matt Archer 115 57.500
7 David Alder 114 57.029
8 Stephanie Burrell 109 54.677
9 Robert Boyce 102 50.782
10 Jayne McGaughey 99 49.033
11 Sarah Vardanega (w) 96 48.242
12 Joanne Nicklin 95 47.702
13 Matt Lonsdale 94 46.882
14 Michael Schultz 92 46.001
15 Caroline Brousseau 91 45.692
16 Kate Swain 86 43.088
17 Karen Woon Cheung Chan 71 35.893
18 Lindsay Phillips 42 21.000
3 Hour
1 Robert Knowles 62 31.454
2 Geoff Williams 57 28.691
3 Jacqui Knowles 55 27.694
4 Graeme Watts 51 25.500
1.5 Hour
1 Stephen Blake 25 12.698
2 Cathy Heuvel 24 12.014
3 Tim Miller 22 10.896
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The next event is the 2018 Dusk To Dawn to be held on 10th February 20187.

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The last event was the 2017 Bribie Beach Bash held on 29th October 2017.


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