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Dusk To Dawn Event

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 2863Beneficiary Caboolture Historical Village


This iconic running event is now in its 19th year. The circuit is a graded decomposed granite 500 metre oval shaped loop with a slight rise and fall. It is situated in the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village running through the various historical buildings. The running direction is changed every hour.
There are many event categories in the February 2014 Dusk to Dawn.




Entry Fee

Male Marathon Run



Female Marathon Run



Male Half Marathon Run



Female Half Marathon Run



6 Hr Male Solo Run



6 Hr Female Solo Run



6 Hr Male Solo Walk



6 Hr Female Solo Walk



12 Hr Male Solo Run



12 Hr Female Solo Run



12 Hr Male Solo Walk



12 Hr Female Solo Walk



50 Km Male Solo Run



50 Km Female Solo Run



50 Km Male Solo Walk



50 Km Female Solo Walk



100 Km Male Solo Run



100 Km Female Solo Run



100 Km Male Solo Walk



100 Km Female Solo Walk



10 Km Solo Male Run

Ages 9-14 only


10 Km Solo Female Run

Ages 9-14 only





6 Hr Male 3x2Hr Relay

3 person team


6 Hr Female 3x2Hr Relay

3 person team


6 Hr Mixed 3x2Hr Relay

3 person team


6 Hr Male 2x3Hr Relay

2 person team


6 Hr Female 2x3Hr Relay

2 person team


6 Hr Mixed 2x3Hr Relay

2 person team


12 Hr Relay

Min 4 members, max 18


50 Km Relay

2 person team


100 Km Relay

5 person team



Event Entry Details

  • All events start at 6PM 8 February
    Minimum Age 16 for all events except 10km
    As a competitor, are you on any prescribed medication? If so please detail it all. Do you have permission from your treating doctor to participate in this event? A copy of that letter is required.
    $10 discount for all current AURA members for 6 hour, 12 hour, 50 or 100km solo events only.
    Walking events are for Race walkers, Casual walkers not accepted in any event.
  • CHV Dusk to Dawn 2014 Entry Form

**Please take note everyone** Dusk to Dawn
Starting times have been changed
Half Marathon now starts at 4.30pm
Marthon starts at 5pm
Entry through gate 4 from 3pm. Please drive safely watching for the general public as the Village will still be open.
Competitors in other events will have to be in & out with their vehicles before 4.30pm

Event details

  • Where – Caboolture Historical Village Beerburrum Road, Caboolture. Entry through Gate 4 at north eastern end of the complex.
    When – 8th February 2014
    1 Water point on track contains free water and Endura and fresh fruit. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own hydration and nutrition supplies.
    Electronic timing chips will be used in all events (please return them or find a $50 bill in the mail). Remember to allow extra 30 minutes to register & to fix your timing chip to your shoe laces. There is a TV monitor displaying distance at the main mats.
    Competitors & crew may only bring vehicles in or out of the complex up to 30 minutes prior to the event or after the event finishes. No vehicles allowed on track during the event.
    Relay team members must run their allocated time before changing. Chips will need to be swapped at a timing mat as directed. Eg. A 6 hour 3x2hr relay team of 3 people must each run 2 hours straight before changing.
    MP3 players are allowed. However please ensure MP3 players are quiet enough to hear race instructions over the PA and runners approaching from behind.
    Presentation for all timed events will be held approximately 20-30 minutes after the event finishes. Individual presentations for distance events will be shortly after each placed competitor finishes.

Event Prizes

  • There will be some random prizes during the event – people whose names are drawn must be present to collect. Crew can collect on behalf if necessary.
    Free cap to all registered competitors (excluding 10km competitors)
    All 10km competitors will receive a free water bottle
    Place getters in each event receive a trophy

Race Director – Geoff Williams Ph/Fax 07 5497 0309 Mob 0412 789741.
Registrations Online
OR Mail to Queensland Ultra Runners Club 87 MacGinley Rd, Upper Caboolture Q 4510
OR Direct Deposit – Heritage Building Society BSB 638 070 Account No 006802389 – place a name after the deposit.

Race Etiquette

  1. Do not constantly run or walk in the centre forcing others to run round you.
  2. Do not run or walk two or more abreast.
  3. Allow yourself to be passed by a faster competitors.
  4. Do not pass someone than slow down in front of them.
  5. Do not stop suddenly, more to one side first.
  6. When approaching the water table or crew table do not stop at it impeding another competitor’s path.
  7. On collecting a drink from the water table & you want to walk while drinking, step to one side.
  8. On the hour when changing direction at the back mats be aware of approaching competitors.
  9. Stay alert of who is around you.
  10. Remember relay runners are travelling faster than you, give them room.
  11. Do not clip the heel of any faster runner
  12. Keep any ear piece down low so you hear others approaching & all announcements.
  13. Good sportsmanship is always recognised. Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated

48 hours

Date: 2010.07.30

Event:  2010 Caboolture 48H Championship

Record:  323.089km

24 hours

Date: 2012.10.07

Event:  2012 Jingu-Gaien 24H Challenge

Record:  174.960km


Date: 2012.04.21

Event:  2012 Sakura-Michi International Nature Run

Record:  34H 32M


Date: 2012.04.01

Event: 61st Tsuru-Numa Ultra Marathon

Record: 10H 15M

Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn 2013

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 2869Caboolture Historical Village has been providing their grounds for this event since about 1994 but I do not think they would have ever expected the event to have grown in popularity as displayed this year.

There were over 268 entries, and over 155 competitors started at 6pm. Sadly not all finished what they set out to achieve. Of those starters, 47 finished in the 12hr, 62 in the 6hr, 2 the 100k, 4 the 50k, 11 the Marathon & 12 the Half. What a fantastic achievement for promoting the Caboolture Historical Village as a great place to run.

From conversations heard after the event all competitors were friendly not slowing any of the faster ones from accumulating some huge kms in their chosen distance.

As I did the first turn around, I did not see or experience any difficulty. Everyone appeared to listen to announcements & followed the instructions. This helps in keeping the event running smoothly, so thanks.

The weather was great apart from being slightly humid for some South Aussies. One comment made, “I was hoping for a small shower to wash away some sweat, but still all good”.

My only complaint is with myself, I always mix up the medals for the relay teams. I never seem to get that right. Thank heavens everyone understands. One day I will surprise you all & myself.


I will not mention any particular competitors for we all know who the outstanding stars were, congratulations to them, as well to all podium finishers. Well done to everyone who attended, & registered. Hope you achieved your goal. You are all winners for being there at the finish. . Congratulate yourself for all the hard work to get the distance recorded, then go back asking yourself, “am I happy or could I have done more”. Only you can answer that. Some made it look easy, others struggled a bit, but all in all you were there at the finish, again well done everyone.

Results are available on the Timing Plus website.

As for praise, top shelf has to go to Timing Plus for another brilliant job in time keeping & presentation during & after. That huge TV showing the competitors crossing the mat attracted a larger crowd than any grand final. Many walked away in disbelief of how forward time keeping has traveled from the early days, making statements “that is so fantastic, clear & quick”. Again well done Timing Plus.

As well everyone will be saying today, “where or when did he get that shot?”.

That will mean Tim and Rohan from Dreamsport Photography have done their job again perfectly snapping those glorious shots of as many competitors possible for display. What surprises me is they are so fresh & clear. Another job well done, thanks. Photos can be purchased with a great deal of every photo of yourself for only $59.

Thanks also has to go to my personal little band of helpers, Kerrie, Paul, Darren & my wife Betty. Thank you all for your added hours in setting up & dismounting all the pegs, poles, tables, chairs, lights, marques. Without you my job would be much larger.

Thank you to our sponsor Endura for their continued support with products & merchandise, keeping competitors hydrated & comfortable. Woolworths Caboolture for a voucher allowing the purchase of goods for the event. Alpha Omega Engraving for all the great trophies & medals plus their patience with me while trying to sort out all the categories for labels on the medals.

Finally again thanks to all competitors for your continued support in holding this event and to the many side kicks positioned around the track cheering everyone on.

It is all of you who make this event what it has become today. We have record holders returning again & again to run among those breaking into ultra running. Freely giving advice when asked, on the track, during competition. Where in any other sport does one get that? Where in any other sport does one have inspiring crowds cheering each on by name? What a great atmosphere created by those loving to come to this event to just do that. Thank you.

With all the good people now around me, Timing Plus, Dreamsport Photography & my helpers, I feel proud & confident in what has taken many years to achieve to now be able to say,” this is a great event”

Thank you competitors see you at the 20th Caboolture Dusk to Dawn.


Geoff Williams

Race Director

Welcome Everyone,

There are some important messages for all race participants – these will be repeated in a pre race briefing but are included here to hopefully answer all questions about the running of the event.



2012-02-11 Dusk to Dawn 361Electronic timing chips will be used and must be laced to either shoe not the ankle. Two (2) chips will be given to each relay team helping to save change over time delays.

A TV will be placed near the main mats showing everyone’s distance as they cross the mat, this will also be a live telecast from this website link.

Collecting chips & T-shirts.

There will be three (3) points for chip collection

  1. Solo Entries
  2. 6hr Relays
  3. All Other Relays
  4. T-shirt collection Only.

Please stand in the right line otherwise your time is wasted.

Racing Instructions

The start for all events will be at 6pm sharp. Please have relay members at the front as they will start faster. All event starts at 6pm whether you are ready or not.

Marathon & Half Marathon competitors will start back from the start line and the rest of the field by the additional metres needed for the event lengths so that when they finish it will be after crossing the mat directly in front of the timing guys.

The track will be very full for the first 6hrs, so please exercise good sportsmanship during the event.

Turn around opposite side of track at every hour. This will be announced and there will be an event official at the turn around point directing you.

iPods and MP3 players are allowed but MUST be kept at low volume. Many announcements will be made & must be heard. Failure to hear instructions will see the devices banned totally.

Other things to note

There will be a hot breakfast after the event about 7pm next to the Boiling Billy Tea Room. Please bring your pre-paid receipts. Others welcome for $10/person.

Twitter Hashtags #geoffsruns and #dusktodawn will be used for live race updates. Follow us at Also check the facebook page at

Tim and Rohan the photographers from Dreamsport Photography will be trackside – keep smiling.

I hope you enjoy the event & return in 2014 for our special 20th year.



Geoff Williams

Race Director

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Event Details

2012-01-20 Dusk to Dawn 008The 2013 Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn event will be held on 9th February 2013. The location is at the Caboolture Historical Village Beerburrum Rd Caboolture. Entry is through Gate 4 which will be secured after the event starts. All vehicles are to be removed from the course prior to this. No vehicles allowed onto the track during the event unless authorised.

Breakfast will be provided only though pre-ordering with your entry. Cost $10.00/person – proof of payment required. Breakfast includes: Sausage, bacon, egg, tomato, toast, juice, tea, coffee.

A free T-shirt will be available to the first 120 entries registered. These will come in varying sizes & colours. Please do not return them for exchange, consult your fellow competitors. This is a bonus for your early entry, which we try to keeping inexpensive.

Thank you for supporting this event. Your entry fees go to the Historical Village Society which helps keeping the premises in a fit safe condition for all visiting and competing.


CHV Dusk to Dawn 2013 Entry Form

Pricing and Events

Individual Team
6 Hr run/walk Solo $45 6hr Relay 3x2hrs – $90.00 (3 participants)
6hr Relay 2x3hrs – $90.00 (2 participants)
12 Hr run/walk Solo $55 12hr Relay – $180.00 (Min 4 – Max 18 participants)
50km run/walk Solo $45 50k Relay – $65.00 (2 participants)
100km run/walk Solo $55 100k Relay – $130.00 (5 participants)
Marathon run/walk Solo $40 Marathon Relay – $60.00 (4 participants)
Half Marathon run/walk Solo $30

NOTE: All events start at 6pm sharp.

Registration and online entry form. Registration closes 08 Feb 2013 at 11:00 PM – (GMT+10:00) Brisbane.

Timing Plus will be doing the Electronic Timing for this event.

A chip will be given to each solo competitor & relay team. It is to be secured flat to either shoe to record each crossing of the mat. Relay member after crossing the mat for the last time, step off the track where you remove the chip, hand to your next team member who will secure the chip to their shoe & return to the course without crossing the mat. They will continue each lap crossing the mat for each lap to be recorded.

Return your chip once your event is completed Or you will receive a $50.00 bill in the mail.

The course is measured & certified to IAU standards carrying a Bronze certificate. It is 500mtrs around travelling the shortest distance which does not include overtaking. It is the same distance no matter which way your travel, or on which arm your GPS is placed. Anyone choosing to wear a GPS and feels their distance is incorrect with the electronic timing may discuss this for a short time. Once the Time Keeper has a decision that is final and no further discussion will be entered into. Absolutely no arguments will be permitted.

Everyone will change direction on the hour. You will cross the mat, turn around a designated person back the way you have just come from without crossing the mat until you have completed another full lap.

Conditions of Entry

Any person with a medical condition/s or taking medication MUST provide full details of their condition & medication no later than one full month prior to the closing date of this event. This will be examined by authorised people who will report back relevant to your wellbeing, the competitors, and the uninterrupted continuation of the event. You will be notified of their findings which will be final no matter the outcome.

Any person under the age or 18years prior to 8/2/13, MUST provide in writing from their parent/guardian their consent & knowledge of their entry into this 2013 Dusk to Dawn endurance event.

An age for the 12hr relay competitors has not been set due to schools enquiring about entering their pupils.

Event Photography

Official event photography will once again be supplied by Dreamsport Photography. Check out last years photos and their great package deals and prices.

2012-02-11 Dusk to Dawn 4852012-02-12 Dusk to Dawn 3802012-02-12 Dusk to Dawn 585

2012 Dusk to Dawn Entries

The Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn date has been confirmed as 11th February 2012.

You can enter online now, and be assured of a place in this prestigious event.

Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn
Date: 11th February 2012

Dear Competitors, – Complete Competitor List below as of 11th Feb

Well what a torrid time we have all experienced of late. To all affected in anyway, I wish a speedy rebuild and recovery. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

C.H.V. Dusk to Dawn 2011 Entry Form

The Event Closure date has been dropped

Only day entries will incur a 50% increase.

→']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Hi Fellow Competitors,

The Historical Village Dusk to Dawn 2010 entry form is now available for you to download. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading