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24-48 Hour Event

I’ve done a total of 25 24h races, best performance in the World Champs, Steenbergen 2013 with 220.777km

I’ve done 4 48h races, best performance in Skövde, Sweden 2011 with 312,7 km

A few 12h races, best performance 2010, in Norway with 123,1 km

A total of 63 various Ultras since the first in 2004

I do mostly time ultras and don’t mind shorter tracks

Looking forward to push my pb a bit further this year


This year I’ve done:

  • The Atacama Crossing (F3, 42:06, 250km)
  • North Face Thailand (F3, 12:22)
  • North Face Australia (17:05)
  • Wildhorse Criterium 70km (F3, 9:14)
  • Coburg 24 hrs (177.543 km, F5)
  • Stromlo 12 hours (107.984, F3)
  • Narrabeen all-nighter (108.362km)

That’s just this year. I’ll be doing the Big Red Run just ahead of Caboolture – I’m exploiting the masochism of this in my fundraising for Big Red Run.

I do have a day job and my husband does an awful lot of looking after our 7yo when I do these events. Rarely, very rarely, they show up to watch me suffer.

Done Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 2012 and 2011. Was my first 100km, and still probably my favourite. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go all the way there, it’s still the only race I’ve done where there is a real threat of an ugly yak encounter.


Name: Chris Kelly

Age: 37

Currently living in (suburb, state): Warragul, Victoria

Number of years running: 10

Number of years running ultras: 3

Favourite running terrain (and distance): Any terrain, any conditions any where! 40km-300km, 6hr-48hr I’m good to go.

Hours and/or distance spent running each week: 60-80km, road and trail. I spend around 24 hours a week training which involves swimming, cycling, running and kayaking as I still compete in multi sport events.

Some ultras completed:

  • GOW
  • Yurrebilla Trail (got lost for 3 hours but still finished)
  • Moe 6 hour & 50km
  • Six Foot track
  • Gold Coast 100
  • Coburg 24 hour
  • Caboolture 48 hour

I aim to finish top ten in every event I go in and out of 170 races I have only missed out 14 times. I race in many different events but the ultras are becoming my favourite. My best ever result is 4th place at a world championship and my worst is last place when I got lost. I was lost for 3 hours after the race had started, but I made my way back to the check point and finished with time to spare. I was annoyed with myself but at the same time happy I completed the race. Winning isn’t everything!

Running related injuries: Blisters and blood clots.

Hobbies outside of running: Swimming, kayaking, cycling, surf life saving and eating.

Occupation: management


Matthew Eckford is 32 years old and this is his first 48 hour event. He’s using it as preparation for Ks 4 Kids Australia – his charity run in July 2014. He doesn’t love running so much and is not really good at it, but it’s a means and tool that he uses to help and serve people. That’s his true purpose for running. Recent events include:

  • Nerang State Forest 50km – 05:48:29.77
  • The Wild Horse Criterium 70km – 8:33:57
  • Mt Mee Classic – Mt Mee to Dayboro Marathon – 4:00:32
  • The North Face 100 – 15:05:50
  • Gold Coast 100km Supermarathon – 9:57:48

I only started running Ultras last year. I have run 21 Ultras in the last 16 months.

My PBs are:

  • 100k 8:32 at Gold Coast 100 09 Jun 2013
  • 24hr 228.5km at Coburg 14-15 Apr 2013
  • 29:38 in Coast to Kosci in Dec 2012

I’m not sure what to expect at 48hr but hope to do more than 300km.


48 hours

Date: 2010.07.30

Event:  2010 Caboolture 48H Championship

Record:  323.089km

24 hours

Date: 2012.10.07

Event:  2012 Jingu-Gaien 24H Challenge

Record:  174.960km


Date: 2012.04.21

Event:  2012 Sakura-Michi International Nature Run

Record:  34H 32M


Date: 2012.04.01

Event: 61st Tsuru-Numa Ultra Marathon

Record: 10H 15M


Tamyka usually sticks to trail ultras and has completed five 100 mile races. She has a long history of running track ultras at Caboolture, first completing the 12 hour Dusk to Dawn race in 2006.

In 2012 she ran 272.8 km in the 48 hourr race, a personal record she intends to break this year.

Here are some photos of her in action last year, and a video as well.

2012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 6072012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 13182012-07-29 Cab 24-48 Event 739


Event Details

2012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 949The 2013 Caboolture Historical Village National 48 Hour Championship & State 24hr Event will be held on 19th –21st July 2013. The location is at the Caboolture Historical Village Beerburrum Rd Caboolture. Entry is through Gate 4 which will be secured after the event starts. All vehicles are to be removed from the course prior to this. No vehicles allowed onto the track during the event unless authorised.

Registration is now open and closes Thursday 18th July at midnight.

Thank you for supporting this event. Your entry fees go to the Historical Village Society which helps keeping the premises in a fit safe condition for all visiting and competing.


Download the Paper Entry Form – CHV 48HR NATIONAL ENTRY FORM 2013

Pricing and Events


Event Min Age  Entry Fee 
48hr Run 18  $      315.00
48hr Walk 18  $      315.00
24hr Run 18  $      200.00
24hr Walk 18  $      200.00
12hr Run 18  $      145.00
12hr Walk 18  $      145.00
6hr Run 18  $        95.00
6hr Walk 18  $        95.00
3hr Run 15  $        60.00
3hr Walk 15  $        60.00
1.5hr Run 15  $        30.00
1.5hr Walk 15  $        30.00

2012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 305Team Events

Team Description Team Size Min Age  Entry Fee 
48hr Run Relay 6 18  $      600.00
24hr Run Relay 6 18  $      300.00
12hr Run Relay 6 16  $      180.00
6hr Run Relay 6 16  $      120.00
3hr Run Relay 6 16  $        90.00

Start Times

48hr Solo/Relays – 8am Fri 19th July

24hr Solo/Relays – 8am Sat 20th July

12hr Solo/Relays – 8am Sat 20th July

6hr Solo/Relays – Noon Sat 20th July

3hr Solo/Relays – 3pm Sat 20th July

1.5hr Solo/Relays – 4.30pm Sat 20th July

Both 48hr & 24hr events finish 8am Sun 21st July

Optional Items

We have been supplied with some discounted photography packages that can be pre-purchased with your registration. The discount is only available when pre-purchasing.

  • All your photos from the event for $59 – regular price $69
  • Printed Race Certificate with your favourite image – containing the event you entered and results. Regular price $32.50. Special price $30.



Timing Plus will be doing the Electronic Timing for this event.

2012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 012A chip will be given to each solo competitor & 2 chips per relay team for your next competitor. It is to be secured flat to either shoe to record each crossing of the mat. Each relay member after completing their time crosses the mat, tags their companion who returns in the opposite direction. Live updates will be available through links provided later. A large TV showing each competitor’s distance after crossing the timing mat will be available for viewing by all present at the venue.

Return your chip once your event is completed Or you will receive a $50.00 bill in the mail.

Other Course Information

The course is measured & certified to IAU standards carrying a Bronze certificate. It is 500mtrs around travelling the shortest distance which does not include overtaking. It is the same distance no matter which way your travel.

Everyone will change direction on the hour around an official at the timing mats on the back straight where all relay competitors will change too. You will continue circulating crossing both sets of mats each lap.

The track is a road based deco, 500m oval within the village grounds. The track has a slight fall North to South.

Other Entrant Information

Tents, caravans & motorhomes are welcome. Tents may be placed anywhere around the track but caravans & motorhomes are to go into a designated parking area with power boxes at the southern end.

Competitors & crew are permitted over night camping one day before & one after their event at $12.00/night. No cost for camping during the event itself. Another option is your choice of any motel about 5k from the venue. This option is yours to make & arrange what dates of use.

No public transport is available from the village.

Toilets are adjacent to the track. There are great showers at the southern end a short walk from the track.

2012-07-28 Cab 24-48 Event 243Competitors are to provide their own meals. Endura, water, soft drinks, fruit, lollies & Jatz biscuits will be available at a set spot trackside. Some ice blocks will be handed out during the heat of the day.

Music will be broadcasted from both sides of the track.

Ice will be available on request.

A First Aid Officer will be in attendance for the whole duration of the event.

The official event photographers Dreamsport Photography will be present at various times.

The 48hr & 24hr competitors will receive a nice polo necked shirt.

All competitors will receive an event memento.


In consideration of my entry into the 2013 Caboolture Historical Village National Event, I hereby agree with all conditions & rules of entry. I understand that participation into the Caboolture Historical Village National Event involves running & walking in public areas used by traffic. After inspecting all areas prior to the event, I am aware hazards exist. In my judgement I/my child/family has/have sufficient competence to participate in this event.I hereby release and exempt and indemnify the organisers, sponsors and any other persons and organisations involved in the Caboolture Historical Village National Event from all actions, proceedings, demands and costs, expenses and claims wherever made or taken by any person arising out of my/my child’s/ my family’s participation in the Caboolture Historical Village National Event. I consent to receiving any medical treatment including ambulance transportation during or after the event accepting full responsibility thereof, including any cost/s. I will attach to my entry form a list of medical or physical conditions suffered prior to my entering this event, as well any medication presently taking.

Next Event Details

The next event is the 2018 Dusk To Dawn to be held on 10th February 20187.

Online Registration

Participant List

Last Event Details

The last event was the 2017 Bribie Beach Bash held on 29th October 2017.


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