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24-48 Hour Event


This iconic running event is back again. The circuit is a graded decomposed granite 500 metre oval shaped loop with a slight rise and fall. It is situated in the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village running through the various historical buildings. The running direction is changed every hour.



Distance Details Entry Fee Entry fee AURA Members Start Date / Time
48Hr Relay Team Min age 18 – 2-8 people $680 9am Fri 25th July
24Hr Relay Team Min age 18 – 2-6 people $420 9am Sat 26th July
12Hr Relay Team Min age 16 – 2-4 people $180 9am Sat 26th July
6Hr Relay Team Min age 16 – 2-3 people $165 Noon Sat 26th July
3Hr Relay Team Min age 14 – 2 people $100 3pm Sat 26th July
48 Hour Run – Female $325 $305 9am Fri 25th July
48 Hour Run – Male $325 $305 9am Fri 25th July
48 Hour Walk – Female $325 $305 9am Fri 25th July
48 Hour Walk – Male $325 $305 9am Fri 25th July
24 Hour Run – Female $225 $205 9am Sat 26th July
24 Hour Run – Male $225 $205 9am Sat 26th July
24 Hour Walk – Female $225 $205 9am Sat 26th July
24 Hour Walk – Male $225 $205 9am Sat 26th July
12 Hour Run – Female $170 $150 9am Sat 26th July
12 Hour Run – Male $170 $150 9am Sat 26th July
12 Hour Walk – Female $170 $150 9am Sat 26th July
12 Hour Walk – Male $170 $150 9am Sat 26th July
6 Hour Run – Female $115 $100 Noon Sat 26th July
6 Hour Run – Male $115 $100 Noon Sat 26th July
6 Hour Walk – Female $115 $100 Noon Sat 26th July
6 Hour Walk – Male $115 $100 Noon Sat 26th July
3 Hour Run – Female $76 $65 3pm Sat 26th July
3 Hour Run – Male $76 $65 3pm Sat 26th July
3 Hour Walk – Female $76 $65 3pm Sat 26th July
3 Hour Walk – Male $76 $65 3pm Sat 26th July
1.5 Hour Run – Female $40 $35 4.30pm Sat 26th July
1.5 Hour Run – Male $40 $35 4.30pm Sat 26th July
1.5 Hour Walk – Female $40 $35 4.30pm Sat 26th July
1.5 Hour Walk – Male $40 $35 4.30pm Sat 26th July



Event details

Sanctioned Host event for the AURA National 48hr Championships 2014

Please take note of the following items.

Are you taking any prescribed medication?

If yes, please detail all medication & your reason for taking them.

Does your doctor know you will be competing in this event? We will require a letter from your treating doDSP-v1_1_403[3]ctor acknowledging his approval of your attendance. This can be posted, faxed, or emailed from scanning.

It is your responsibility to notify us in case any outside medication or treatment is administrated.

Electronic timing chips will be used & managed again by Timing Plus. Live updates will be available through links provided later. Large TV showing each competitor’s distance after crossing the timing mat will be available for viewing by all present at the venue. Timing chip to be laced to any one shoe.

The track is a road based decomposed granite 500m oval shaped weaving around the buildings within the village grounds.

The track has a slight fall from North to South.

Tents, caravans & motorhomes welcome. Tents maybe placed anywhere around the track but caravans & motorhomes to go into a designated parking area with power boxes at the southern end.

Competitors & crew permitted overnight camping one day before & one after their event at $12.00/night.

Another option is your choice of any motel about 5k from the venue. This option is yours to make & arrange what dates of use. No transport is available from the village.

Toilets adjacent to the track. Great showers at the southern end a short walk from the track.

Competitors to provide their own meals. Endura, water, soft drinks, fruit, lollies & Jatz biscuits will be available at a set spot trackside. Some ice blocks will be handed out during the heat of the day.

Music will be broadcasted from both sides of the track.

Ice will be available on request.

First Aid Officer in attendance the whole duration.

Event photographer will be present.

Both 48hr & 24hr events finish 9am Sun 27th July

The 48hr & 24hr competitors will receive a nice polo necked shirt and personal memento.

All competitors will receive an event memento.

Would all 24/48hr Competitors please submit a short history on themselves for posting to the website & Facebook for interesting reading.


Caboolture Historical Society are the main benefactors for this event.


Event Entry Details

We now have online entries available and there is also a paper entry form. Please note all competitors whether in a team or solo must fill in an entry form. Without a signed form agreeing to the waiver you will not be issued a chip and may not start.

Download the Paper Entry Form here

Online Entries close 12am 21st July 2014

Late entries accepted on race day up to 30 minutes before the start of your event with a fee of $20.00/person per event. Cash only accepted for entries on race day

No refund if unable to compete on the day including any circumstances uncontrollable by race director.

Race Director – Geoff Williams Ph/Fax 07 5497 0309 Mob 0412 789741.


Registrations Online

OR Mail to Queensland Ultra Runners Club 87 MacGinley Rd, Upper Caboolture Q 4510

OR Direct Deposit – Heritage Building Society BSB 638 070 Account No 006802389 – place a name after the deposit

Race Etiquette

  1. Do not constantly run or walk in the centre forcing others to run round you.
  2. Do not run or walk two or more abreast.
  3. Allow yourself to be passed by a faster competitors.
  4. Do not pass someone than slow down in front of them.
  5. Do not stop suddenly, more to one side first.
  6. When approaching the water table or crew table do not stop at it impeding another competitor’s path.
  7. On collecting a drink from the water table & you want to walk while drinking, step to one side.
  8. On the hour when changing direction at the back mats be aware of approaching competitors.
  9. Stay alert of who is around you.
  10. Remember relay runners are travelling faster than you, give them room.
  11. Do not clip the heel of any faster runner
  12. Keep any ear piece down low so you hear others approaching & all announcements.
  13. Good sportsmanship is always recognised. Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated


2013-07-19 Cab2448 761

I only started running ultras around 18 months ago. During 2012 I finished the Canberra 50km, Northface 100, Salomon Surfcoast Century, Rollercoaster Run plus a couple of marathons. This is both my first time based ultra and 48 hour run so should be a challenging weekend.

2013-02-09 Dusk to Dawn 3190Hi my name is James O’Brien I am 19 years old.

Ran my first 12hour race at Caboolture when I was 18 I have since then competed in class house 100mile, wild horse 60km and 30km and another 12 hour this year at Caboolture again. I love my ultras and am training for the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon.

Quick Summary

Dates 19, 20 and 21 July 2013

All Event Information

Online Registration

Participant List

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Started competing in ultras about 5 years ago and love the challenge of pushing till there is nothing left. I’m never going to win any awards but I’m slowly improving my times or distances. I’ve met some fantastic people that I can now call friends through running in the events and hopefully that continues. Would love to do the Coast to Kosci one day. Will have to get the qualifying time or distance first!!!!

Ultras completed over last couple of years:

  • 2012 GH100 – 100 miles – 28:56:11
  • 2012 GH Flinders Tour 50km – 5:55:42
  • 2012 Gold Coast Marathon – 42km – Time 3:52:04
  • 2012 – 12  hr Caboolture – 90.5km
  • 2013 – 12hr Caboolture – 101.5km
  • 2013 TNF 100 – 100KM – Time 17:37
  • 2012 Nerang SF 50km – Time 6:41:03
  • 2013 Nerang SF 50km – Time 6:07:01

clip_image001Cassie Smith AKA "BONKERS"

Started running in 2005 and completed my first marathon in 2006….didn’t take me long to grasp the concept of ultra running………."when a marathon just isn’t enough"….

Have just completed number 52 – which is made up of 25 marathons and 27 ultras……Caboolture will be number 54.

Been a supporter of Geoff’s runs for a few years (both Caboolture and Bribie) but last year was my first venture out of the 6 hour run into 12 hour then the huge jump to 48 hour….. I had some pretty bad tummy issues that pulled me off the track for around 11 hours last year so I am very hopeful of a much better result this year.  I had a great year overall last year with successful runs at both Coburg 24 hr and Sri Chimnoy in Sydney 24 hr qualifying me for Coast to Kosci in December of which I made it to the 190k mark in the 240k race.

Big goal and plan for this year is to FINISH Coast to Kosci in December so the Caboolture 48 hour is a really good way for me to run for 2 days to get some excellent mileage in and practice my nutrition and race plan.   We will have our usual "Team Bonkers" tent set up with plenty of support crew and good cheer!!!

Very excited and looking forward to a fantastic weekend with Geoff and the crew…….

My short history of recent events & achievements is easy to keep brief.

  1. Recent events are limited.
  2. The achievement is always to finish and still be vertical.

2003-2006 Completed a few marathons. Best time 4hrs 12mins.

2010 Completed Northface 100. Time 23hrs 56mins.

The Northface 100 showed me I can keep moving for 24 hrs. Hence the challenge of 48hrs.

Regard me as a participant rather than a candidate for line honours, as my only competition is against myself.

I’ve done a total of 25 24h races, best performance in the World Champs, Steenbergen 2013 with 220.777km

I’ve done 4 48h races, best performance in Skövde, Sweden 2011 with 312,7 km

A few 12h races, best performance 2010, in Norway with 123,1 km

A total of 63 various Ultras since the first in 2004

I do mostly time ultras and don’t mind shorter tracks

Looking forward to push my pb a bit further this year

This year I’ve done:

  • The Atacama Crossing (F3, 42:06, 250km)
  • North Face Thailand (F3, 12:22)
  • North Face Australia (17:05)
  • Wildhorse Criterium 70km (F3, 9:14)
  • Coburg 24 hrs (177.543 km, F5)
  • Stromlo 12 hours (107.984, F3)
  • Narrabeen all-nighter (108.362km)

That’s just this year. I’ll be doing the Big Red Run just ahead of Caboolture – I’m exploiting the masochism of this in my fundraising for Big Red Run.

I do have a day job and my husband does an awful lot of looking after our 7yo when I do these events. Rarely, very rarely, they show up to watch me suffer.

Done Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 2012 and 2011. Was my first 100km, and still probably my favourite. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go all the way there, it’s still the only race I’ve done where there is a real threat of an ugly yak encounter.

Name: Chris Kelly

Age: 37

Currently living in (suburb, state): Warragul, Victoria

Number of years running: 10

Number of years running ultras: 3

Favourite running terrain (and distance): Any terrain, any conditions any where! 40km-300km, 6hr-48hr I’m good to go.

Hours and/or distance spent running each week: 60-80km, road and trail. I spend around 24 hours a week training which involves swimming, cycling, running and kayaking as I still compete in multi sport events.

Some ultras completed:

  • GOW
  • Yurrebilla Trail (got lost for 3 hours but still finished)
  • Moe 6 hour & 50km
  • Six Foot track
  • Gold Coast 100
  • Coburg 24 hour
  • Caboolture 48 hour

I aim to finish top ten in every event I go in and out of 170 races I have only missed out 14 times. I race in many different events but the ultras are becoming my favourite. My best ever result is 4th place at a world championship and my worst is last place when I got lost. I was lost for 3 hours after the race had started, but I made my way back to the check point and finished with time to spare. I was annoyed with myself but at the same time happy I completed the race. Winning isn’t everything!

Running related injuries: Blisters and blood clots.

Hobbies outside of running: Swimming, kayaking, cycling, surf life saving and eating.

Occupation: management