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This is a letter that Geoff has sent to a number of running clubs. If you, your friends or relatives can help in any way,  it would be greatly appreciated.

“Caboolture Historical Village National 48 Hour & State 24 Hour Run/Walk Events”

Friday 31st July 09 at 9am will be the start of the National 48hour run/walk event at Caboolture Historical Village Beerburrum Road following with the State 24hour event on Saturday also starting at 9am. Other shorter events are programmed all to conclude 9am Sunday 2nd August.

Your club members and friends are invited to compete, spectate and encourage those competing, or simply help in some trackside duties. You are all welcome to experience the feeling of and in the presence of record breaking efforts.

My principal purpose in writing is to ask for your club’s assistance in providing club members to lapscore.

Those unfamiliar with this task can easily have it explained & shown. It is a great way to get to know some great competitors & feel part of their record challenging attempt.

Your duty should you accept, will be to provide lap scorers for the duration of the event, on a rotating roistered system, starting at 9am 31st July to 9am 2nd Aug 09. For your club, a cheque donation of $500.00 will be handed to a member at the finish, and for your members, meals will be provided while trackside working.

Initially on Friday morning only 3-4 people will be required as numbers for the 48 hour event have in the past not been large. But in saying that updates of competitor numbers will be frequent, enabling you to do your duty, with efficiency. As the weekend progresses more competitors will arrive for shorter events, as in the State 24hr Saturday morning, following with a 12 hr, 6hr, & 3hr. All events will finish at 9am Sunday.

All competitors will require lapscoring. It can be one on one or for the more experienced up to three competitors. Hourly updates will be required & collected also all toilet, walk, sleep, food & rest stops, to be noted with that letter adjacent to the laps. Do not be put off, it is easy & fun but can be tiring. Remember you become part of the fun experiencing all the feeling first hand, just like being a pit member for your favorite driver, without the speed & smell of rubber.

I have many other tasks & hurdles ahead leading up to the event, so obviously this letter is going to other clubs with hope of an early reply allowing me the opportunity to concentrate on other matters in making this event tops, for all participating and helping.

Please give this some thought as I need your help for it is only Betty & I who put this on. Although the funds raised go to the Historical Village their members are elderly, and unable to endure the hours of fun we youngsters have.

Thanks for presenting this to your club. Please consider favorably and reply ASAP. It is a fun weekend.


Geoff Williams

Race Director or 0412 789741

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