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2010 Bribie Beach Bash Entry Form  2000 – 2010.. 10years

where – North st Woorim Bribie Is (surf side)

7 distances >> 46k, Marathon, Half Marathon, 15k, 10k, 6k, 3k.

First 100 competitors receive a free special 10year T shirt.  

Except 3k competitors they receive a free water bottle.

Entry forms now out. Hurry grab one & get it back. You do want a free shirt?

Hey remember, you are supporting the Endeavour Foundation of Qld.

****** We have engaged a professional photography team from Dreamsport Photography for the event. They will be travelling the beach taking hundreds of photos of all the competitors at different points, whilst positioned at the start/finish line too. CD’s will be made and available for sale, inexpensively. A donation from each sale will be made to the Endeavour Foundation. **Preorders through the Race Director** All the pricing and details can be found at

Hope you purchase a CD & a few photos, for your outlay is another donation to the Endeavour Foundation, thank you.


32 Responses to BRIBIE BEACH BASH – 3RD OCT 2010

  • Debie Thomson says:

    Hi Geoff,

    I have just excitedly printed out the entry form to your Bribie Beach Bash Fun Run. I have always wanted to participate in one and have set a goal for the 6km race. With the help and support of my 15yr old son Dylan, who will also be entering with me and is quite a fit young man, I hope to do it comfortably.

    Looking forward to it, Debie…

  • Geoff says:

    Thanks Debie, hope it meets your expectations.
    It is an enjoyable event with a fun group of competitors.
    Look forward to meeting you on the day.
    Thanks again, Geoff

  • Rob says:

    Hi – what time does the half marathon start on 3rd October and is it on soft or hard sand. Also is the beach partly closed for the event or do runners dodge the 4wds?

  • Bellthorpe says:

    Hi Rob,

    All the start times are on the entry form. The HM starts at 7:15am.

    It’s your choice which sand you run on but the hard sand near the water’s edge is recommended. 🙂

    There are no closures on the beach, but 4WD traffic is not a problem. Hope to see you there.


  • Geoff says:

    Hi Rob,
    I 2nd what Craig has informed you. High tide is around 5am so all competitors will be running out on an outgoing tide & should be returning on a near low tide, good firm sand for fast times.
    The vehicles are no bother as there is plenty of notification of the event on & along the beach, as well the Rangers & Police patrol the area.
    Hope to see you at the event, should be a good one.
    Cheers, Geoff.

  • melissa says:

    I have never ran on sand . Do you suggest I try a shorter distance ? (I usually run half marathon )Does one run barefoot or in run shoes ? Injuries ? It looks like a great event 🙂 Just a little scared of the sand element .


    • Bellthorpe says:

      Sand is fine, especially the hard sand at low tide. Nothing to be scared of, and it won’t increase the risk of injury. Just follow the others, and you’ll see a natural line between the water and the soft sand. Do not run barefoot if you’re not used to it. You will end up with blistered and bloody feet. Just wear an old pair of running shoes. And hey, if you get the odd splash, don’t worry about it.

      I would suggest you just run your favourite distance. Take it easy at first until you feel your natural rhythm on the sand.

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for your interest in this great event.
    I can not add any more from what Bellthorpe has said, apart from, “hope you enjoy it”
    Cheers Geoff

  • Stuart says:

    Hi folks would like to enter is there somewhere to enter online or do we have to enter via snail mail? Looking forward to our first Bash! Stu

  • Alun says:

    I’m a sucker for this after last year, just have to decide whether to do the Marathon or the 46 km. I’m puzzled Geoff, why 46? Is it because we reach the end of the beach at 23 km?

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Alun,
    Thanks for your interest in the event again. This being our 10th year is shaping into an even better event with many competitors and an outgoing tide on the start.
    That means all competitors should be returning on a low tide.
    As for 46k, there is a story behind that distance from when the event first started.
    We were told Caboolture Shire Council boundary stopped 23k up the beach then went into Caloundra territory, meaning two permits would be required & Caloundra not being as easy to get along with as Caboolture. So we turned competitors around there.
    This being our 10th year, I thought I would resurrect this distance for its past popularity & being there in the beginning.
    Hope to see you competing.

  • Deb says:

    Hey Geoff.

    Events sounds awesome but im afraid i wont be able to attend this year as im off to Korea on the 6th Oct to compete in a marathon on the 10th..

    But i have heard great things about this event & will definetly be keen next time around..

    The event will be a huge sucess if your behind it Geoff..

    Thanks for the link, very kind of you

  • Geoff says:

    Thanks Deb for your reply. All the very best in Korea & the Marathon. You will kill’em & even run a great race.
    I wish you all the best, cheers.

  • lindsay says:

    Afternoon Geoff, Sorry I haven’t entered yet.
    To be honest I still can’t decide between the 1/2 & the full. I’ll go ‘totally ballistic’ on my treadmill in the next 3-4 days & enter by thu.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Fond regards, Lindsay

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Geoff

    I just posted an entry form for the marathon distance in the Bribie Beach Bash, money paid by direct deposit. Do I have to pick up a number or anything on race morning?

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your entry into the Marathon.
    As for numbers, we write it on your arm or leg.
    So just arrive in plenty of time to get yourself ready, check in then relax before the start.
    Hope you enjoy the event.
    Cheers, Geoff

  • beck says:

    Hi Geoff, this will be my first attempt at a beach run. I’m in the 10km but have only ever run this distance on road. Due to the sand, are there any tricks you can pass on? I was thinking should I wear longer socks so I don’t get sandrash from kicking it up onto myself….am I being a woos? 🙂

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Beck,
    High tide is around 5.15, so your start at 7.45 will be two an half hours later, near low tide. The only time you may flick sand up would be entering & leaving the beach where you tread steadily. No, I would look upon it as a normal event & go your hardest, within yourself.
    I find the sand is good for running, less stress on the muscles. You should enjoy it, cheers.

  • Karen says:

    Hi Geoff- Does the marathon contains 2 laps? Is there any km mark on the beach? Is there any timing chip? What have been the weather look in the past? Thanks Karen

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your questions. All events run up the beach half the distance to your turn around marker, then back down the same way.
    There are distance markers on the beach at every turn around along with water bottles to fill your water containers.
    So imagine 3k>1.5k turn, 6k>3k turn, 10k> 5k turn & so on, all are marked. There no chips, we number each person & have a timekeeper. The weather has in the past years been kind, but who knows. That part is out of my controll.
    Hope to see you out on the beach, competing. Cheers, Geoff

  • scott says:

    Hi Geoff I have left it a bit late to enter by snail mail. is it possible to enter on the morning for the 3k run?
    thanks scott

  • Antony Banfield says:

    Hi Geoff

    Great stuff? Did not know what to expect and have not trained on sand for a while. Also not many events where you can get to know every other entrant by first name. Reckon I’ll be back with reinforcements next year. Saw dolphins, Osprey and plenty of other wildlife. Great morning out. Thanks.


  • beck says:

    Thank you so very much everyone involved for a great event. Fantastic location for a run; will be back for more! The perfect antithesis of Bridge to Bne…woohoo!

  • Geoff says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words of appreciation.
    To Beck, another competitor made mention about that to me in person believing your same words.
    We can pick an area to run and hold proceedings, but you the competitors are the ones who set the atmosphere with your willingness to mingle chatting to one another, thanks for that.
    Remember the 2nd Oct 2011.
    We are interested in how competitors found out about the event, could you please tell us.
    Thanks again
    Betty & Geoff

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