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This is Geoff Williams’ website. Geoff is a runner in South East Queensland, who puts on some ‘different’ runs each year.

These include the Caboolture Historical Village  Dusk to Dawn 6 hour  & 12 hour run walk & relay; and the Bribie Bash, on the water’s edge at Bribie Island.

The proceeds from the Bribie Bash  go to the Endeavour Foundation, and Geoff (and his wife Betty) volunteer their time. Proceeds from the Caboolture run go to the Caboolture Historical Society.

They’re great runs so come along, do something different, and help a good cause.

You can email Geoff, or phone him on 0412 789 741.

13 Responses to About Geoffs Runs

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  • Geoff says:

    Hi Lucy, Thanks for your interest in the event. Yes it is a Marathon, one of 6 distances that day, the 3rd Oct 2010. It is run on the beach, up & back. We try to pick the lowest tide on a Sunday in that month (Oct)Depending on your speed u should return on firm sand, should u b rather slower, u may b on some softer sand. But it is all good fun for the Endeavour Foundation. Hope that helps, if further questions always come back. Hope to c u on the day. Cheers Geoff

  • Lucy Brown says:

    Please could you provide details of the Bribie Bash Marathon. I’m keen to enter but would like a few more details asap. I need to start increasing my mileage so I am fit/prepared for the run .



  • Billy says:

    Hi Geoff,
    Wishing all the best for the new year, I hope to get up to sunny Caboolture again soon.

    Cheers Bill Pearce

  • Geoff says:

    U r welcome Elissa. That’s what it is all about, helping each other.
    Don’t forget to keep in touch for Bribie Beach Bash early October 2010
    Will b the events 10th year. Some special things hopefully will b happening
    Take care

  • Hi Geoff! Just met you down at Bribie Triathlon. Wanted to say hi and thanks for the info. The Glasshouse trails look interesting, so do some of the smaller km runs. I look forward to competing in 2010!
    Cheers, Elissa

  • Easyhalf says:

    Hey Geoff,
    Yeah i know it’s only 2009 but I would like to know the dates for the dusk till dawn next year please.
    Thank you
    Eric Q

  • Bellthorpe says:

    Here’s the entry form Mal:

  • Mal Gamble says:

    Hi Geoff ~ I would like to enter the upcoming 12 / 24 / 48 Hour event at Caboolture but am unsure of how to obtain an entry form. Can you please assist?
    Cheers, Mal Gamble
    Mordialloc, Melbourne

  • michelle says:

    Hi Geoff, Can you please tell me the date of the bribie beach bash for 2009, i would like to book accomodation for the weekend. Thanks, Michelle

  • Bellthorpe says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    It won’t be in place for Caboolture. It will be for subsequent events. Suggest you post the printed pdf with a cheque, or email it and do a direct deposit.

    You might want to sign up for the mailing list
    The most recent mailing mentioned this matter.

  • Kelvin says:

    Geoff, i notice online entry is “to come”, will this be happening soon or is it best to post the printed .pdf,

  • Keith Sullivan says:

    Hi Goeff,
    Great to chat with you yeserday at the Hares and Hounds event. That was a great event – tough but great. No real message just went looking for the site after you told me about it yesterday and found it!!!!!!!!!!
    I will making an entry for the 6/12 hour in the next few days.

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