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This iconic running event is back again. The circuit is a graded decomposed granite 500 metre oval shaped loop with a slight rise and fall. It is situated in the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village running through the various historical buildings. The running direction is changed every hour. The event is the official National 48 Hour Championships recognised by AURA and the IAU and is a qualifying race for IAU 24 hr World Challenge.

Distance Details Entry Fee Start Date / Time
48Hr Relay Team Min age 18 – 6 people $680 8am Fri 7th August
24Hr Relay Team Min age 18 – 6 people $420 8am Sat 8th August
12Hr Relay Team Min age 16 – 6 people $180 8am Sat 8th August
6Hr Relay Team Min age 16 – 6 people $165 Noon Sat 8th August
3Hr Relay Team Min age 14 – 6 people $100 3pm Sat 8th August
48 Hour Run – Female $295 8am Fri 7th August
48 Hour Run – Male $295 8am Fri 7th August
48 Hour Walk – Female $295 8am Fri 7th August
48 Hour Walk – Male $295 8am Fri 7th August
24 Hour Run – Female $195 8am Sat 8th August
24 Hour Run – Male $195 8am Sat 8th August
24 Hour Walk – Female $195 8am Sat 8th August
24 Hour Walk – Male $195 8am Sat 8th August
12 Hour Run – Female $145 8am Sat 8th August
12 Hour Run – Male $145 8am Sat 8th August
12 Hour Walk – Female $145 8am Sat 8th August
12 Hour Walk – Male $145 8am Sat 8th August
6 Hour Run – Female $95 Noon Sat 8th August
6 Hour Run – Male $95 Noon Sat 8th August
6 Hour Walk – Female $95 Noon Sat 8th August
6 Hour Walk – Male $95 Noon Sat 8th August
3 Hour Run – Female $60 3pm Sat 8th August
3 Hour Run – Male $60 3pm Sat 8th August
3 Hour Walk – Female $60 3pm Sat 8th August
3 Hour Walk – Male $60 3pm Sat 8th August
1.5 Hour Run – Female $35 4.30pm Sat 8th August
1.5 Hour Run – Male $35 4.30pm Sat 8th August
1.5 Hour Walk – Female $35 4.30pm Sat 8th August
1.5 Hour Walk – Male $35 4.30pm Sat 8th August
Photography Package – All your digital photos from this event usually $69.00 $59
Printed Race Certificate with your favourite image and race results – Usually $32.50 $30


Event details

  • Are you taking any prescribed medication? If yes, please detail all medication & your reason for taking them. Does your doctor know you will be competing in this event? We will require a letter from your treating doctor acknowledging his approval of your attendance. This can be posted, faxed, or emailed from scanning. It is your responsibility to notify us in case any outside medication or treatment is administrated.
  • Electronic timing chips will be used & managed again by Timing Plus. Live updates will be available through links provided later. Large TV showing each competitor’s distance after crossing the timing mat will be available for viewing by all present at the venue. Timing chip to be laced to any one shoe.
  • The track is a road based deco, certified 500m oval shaped weaving around the buildings within the Village ground.
  • The track has a slight rise & fall from North to South.
  • Tents, caravans & motorhomes welcome. Tents may be placed anywhere around the track but caravans & motorhomes to go into a designated parking area with power boxes at the southern end.
  • Competitors & crew permitted overnight camping one day before & one after their event at $12.00/person/night
  • Another option is your choice of any motel about 5k from the venue. This option is yours to make & arrange what dates of use. No transport is available to or from the village.
  • Toilets adjacent to the track. Great showers at the southern end a short walk from the track.
  • Competitors to provide their own meals.
  • Music will be broadcasted from both sides of the track.
  • Your entry fee includes:
    • Entry into the Historical Village grounds.
    • Entry onto a certified labelled course.
    • Electronic timing chip.
    • Visible recognition of each competitor crossing the mats on a huge TV monitor.
    • Live links for outside updates.
    • Trophies to each place getter
    • 24/48hr competitors each receive a personal memorable plaque
    • All other competitors receive a memorable medallion
    • Night visibility
    • Varied drinks on a set drink table.
    • Varied lollies & fruit on the drink table.
    • Endura, water, soft drinks, fruit, lollies & Jatz biscuits will be available at a set spot trackside.
    • Some ice blocks will be handed out during the heat of the day on Saturday.
    • Ice will be available on request.
    • Microwave, jug & toaster available for use in hall.
    • Our websites, Timing Plus & Geoffsruns will endeavour to have results up the afternoon of conclusion (all being well)
    • Due to all offered above at a now reduced fee from last year, any further requests not listed will now attract a negotiable fee.
    • Please remember, your entry fee goes towards helping maintain, upkeep & beautify this Historical Village
  • Event photographer will be present.
  • Please check the event start times –
  • 48hr Solo/Relays – 8am Fri 7th August
  • 24hr Solo/Relays – 8am Sat 8th August
  • 12hr Solo/Relays – 8am Sat 8th August
  • 6hr Solo/Relays – Noon Sat 8th August
  • 3hr Solo/Relays – 3pm Sat 8th August
  • 1.5hr Solo/Relays – 4.30pm Sat 8th August
  • Both 48hr & 24hr events finish 8am Sun 9th August
  • The 48hr & 24hr competitors will receive a nice shirt.
  • All competitors will receive an event memento.

Would all 24/48hr Competitors please submit a short history on themselves for posting to the website & Facebook for interesting reading.

Event Entry Details

We now have online entries available and there is also a CHV 24-48 2015 Entry Form. Please note all competitors whether in a team or solo must fill in an entry form. Without a signed form agreeing to the waiver you will not be issued a chip and may not start.

Online Entries close 12am 28th July 2015

Late entries accepted on race day up to 30 minutes before the start of your event with a fee of $20.00/person per event. Cash only accepted for entries on race day

No refund if unable to compete on the day including any circumstances uncontrollable by race director.

Race Director – Geoff Williams Ph/Fax 07 5497 0309 Mob 0412 789 741.


Registrations Online

OR Mail to Queensland Ultra Runners Club 87 MacGinley Rd, Upper Caboolture Q 4510

OR Direct Deposit – Heritage Building Society BSB 638 070 Account No 006802389 – place a name after the deposit

Race Etiquette

  1. Do not constantly run or walk in the centre forcing others to run round you.
  2. Do not run or walk two or more abreast.
  3. Allow yourself to be passed by a faster competitors.
  4. Do not pass someone than slow down in front of them.
  5. Do not stop suddenly, more to one side first.
  6. When approaching the water table or crew table do not stop at it impeding another competitor’s path.
  7. On collecting a drink from the water table & you want to walk while drinking, step to one side.
  8. On the hour when changing direction at the back mats be aware of approaching competitors.
  9. Stay alert of who is around you.
  10. Remember relay runners are travelling faster than you, give them room.
  11. Do not clip the heel of any faster runner
  12. Keep any ear piece down low so you hear others approaching & all announcements.
  13. Good sportsmanship is always recognised. Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated





Next Event Details

The next event is the 2018 Dusk To Dawn to be held on 10th February 20187.

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Last Event Details

The last event was the 2017 Bribie Beach Bash held on 29th October 2017.


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