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2014-10-12 Bribie Beach Bash 823The day started about 4am so as to be prepared to welcome the 50k early starters. Once they were sent on their way about 30mins before the remaining field, I moved onto the beach measuring & installing all the required signage & water.

As the sun rose, one had to pinch oneself to ensure one was not dreaming. The glitter of the rising sun over the rippling blue water was a masterpiece picture in itself. Unless one was there to see the beautiful colours, one would struggle to describe it. The wide white sandy beach stretching out to meet the tranquil ripples of the clear blue ocean gently rolling in over the sand. While above a new day was coming to life with the glitter of the golden sunrise stretching from the horizon across the vast ocean to land. Was this paradise?

As I drove further up the beach campers were out attempting to catch fresh fish for brekkie. With a little wave or nod of the head as I drove past they appeared to accept our presence.

Reaching the furthest point 25k up the beach, a marker was placed indicating the turning point for the 50k competitors. It was at this point, I left Jeff to follow the last competitor back sweeping the course on his return. Two SES vehicles also met up. They divided the course in half attending to water stations & the needs of competitors. As the day moved on they also moved signage & water stations onto the dry sand as the tide turned inward. The local police came along too, being useful reminding campers returning home of the event. I even had the ranger catch me up to confirm some last minute paperwork. With all this happening, the event kept rolling on incident free thanks to the great helpers back at the start/finish area.

Sadly competitor numbers were down this year, but I am sure those who kindly gave their morning to support this MS fundraising event, enjoyed themselves.

There were some fast times in different events, visit results to view these. Some just came to help fundraise. No matter your reason for being there, it was greatly appreciated. All the details are not finalized yet as we are waiting on a reply on some costing figures which may take a little time, so I estimate a cheque to the amount of $900.00 will be deposited into MS Qld’s account. Without your entry & support they would get nothing, thanks very much.

As I write this 2014 Bribie Beach Bash Race Report, I wish to thank;

  • Linda, Brian & Darren for getting up so early & your hard work at the start/finish area
  • Ed for walking the beach to water competitors & observe
  • SES people on the beach for rehydrating the competitors, replenishing water stations & moving my signs as the incoming tide approached
  • Bribie Island police for your support & coming onto the beach reminding campers of the event
  • Jeff Chantler & your two children for being the event sweeper following the last competitor & removing all the signage & any rubbish from the beach
  • Timing Plus, Rick & Cath for another great job recording all competitors & helping with random names for prizes
  • Bribie Island Bowls Club for continuing to support this event
  • Dreamsport Photography for capturing those once in a lifetime memory shots
  • Qld Parks & Wildlife. For the help given from the staff in head office. All the Rangers on the Island for their help, assistance & advice in keeping this event going, thanks Graeme
  • My wife Betty for tolerating the worst sides of me during your time of pain & discomfort
  • And finally to all you the competitors, thank you again for supporting this charity fundraising event, raising money for those less fortunate to us, suffering Multiple Sclerosis

Hope to see you all in 2015, stay watching for future events & dates.

Train hard, run hard, but always stay safe.

Geoff Williams

Race Director

Bribie Beach Bash

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The next event is the 2018 Dusk To Dawn to be held on 10th February 20187.

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The last event was the 2017 Bribie Beach Bash held on 29th October 2017.


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