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2013-10-13 Bribie Beach Bash 636Another great Sunday morning was started with the arrival of the early starters for the 50k & Marathon. They were clocked off in a slightly dark atmosphere during a high outgoing tide. Unexpectedly a strong northerly was to meet them once on the beach.

As the tide lowered I attempted getting onto the beach but sadly did not quite make it before calling for a tow down. Then the trip to the start line to start making, measuring & setting up the water stops. We were hoping after purchasing new signs & attaching at the end of tall start pickets, no one would miss their turn around point.

It appeared to work as I did not hear of anyone over shooting their point.

As I continued setting out the turn markers, other competitors were arriving for their events, so they progressively started as programmed. Everything appeared great other than that northerly wind, great returning with it behind you though.

As the tide reduced, the competitors increased, along with the vehicles enjoying the sun on a great low tide. My two patrol vehicles worked well together keeping the water stations replenished along with anyone asking for a top up. They also helped notifying motorists of the event. It seemed a good relationship.

It now came time for me exit the beach which I finally managed after my first failing attempt.

On returning to the start/finish area, I was first surprised at the amount of vehicles parked. Then as I approached the recovery area, all I saw was a continuous flow of people crossing the finishing mats following each other to the fruit. As quickly Kerrie cut it a hand or two took it.

My wife Betty worked on cooking the sausages, which did not appeal to a lot this year, while Adam made the fresh coffee. Yet these two combined did not match the popularity of fresh fruit.

I would like to praise different runners & walkers for their great effort on the day but there are so many I would surely miss some and then feel bad. So to all who took part thank you. To those whose times were bettered this year, well done.

I know we had extra on the day, thanks for making that last minute effort. I understand there was a total of 259 entrants which I think was the best or very close to it. As for funds raised, still paying bills so when the final figure is known it will be displayed on all sites. As will be a full list of results.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, if so please tell your family & friends so we can see you in 2014. If any disputes, please address them to me.

We all work hard to bring this event to Woorim. Through this event we have been to meet & talk with local businesses & residents who I know favor this event for it is on their side of town. Thanks to you the supporters who are polite & friendly.

So after a great event along the foreshore of Woorim Beach, the packing up started.

There are many to thank for their contribution towards & during this event so I would really like to start at the top by personally thanking my wife Betty & our very dear friends Kerrie, Paul & Des.

2013-10-13 Bribie Beach Bash 170As for business support

Endura, products& merchandise

Bribie Island Bowls Club

Bribie Island Caravan Park

Bribie Island RSL

Pacific Harbour Golf & Country Club

Woorim Beach Meats

CJ’s Pastries Woorim

Blue Pacific Hotel

Minister for National parks Recreation, Sport and Racing

Qld Parks & Wildlife Service

Bribie Island Police

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Alpha Omega Engraving

Caboolture Screen Printers

Bunnings Morayfield

Dreamsport Photography

Jethro Consultants


Please visit these places, try their food, drinks and accommodation.

Until 2014, stay fresh for more fun.

Thank you for reading this Race Report

Geoff Williams

Race Director


5 Responses to 2013 Bribie Beach Bash Race Directors Report

  • Julie Gould says:

    I ran in the 2013 Beach Bash and was very disappointed to see the lack of support, tents or first aid throughout the course. What would have happened if somebody needed to sit down in the shade for a while or was injured? Nothing was made obvious to me and quite frankly i was shocked that I could have collapsed and nobody would even have known about it for quite some time as i was running alone! Seriously could you not even man a few first aid tents or somewhere for a shady rest in that blistering heat. I wont be running again. It was dangerous.

  • In mourning says:

    Julie, the worst did happen, just as you described/feared. No checkpoints or first aid. Now the world has lost a beautiful soul 🙁

  • Admin says:

    There is a coronial inquest into the circumstances surrounding the incident and no comments can be made about it until that is complete. However there were first aid officers on the course and water at 9 different checkpoints along the course as advised to all entrants in the pre race briefing and on the website.

  • Runner says:

    Dear all

    There is a difference between Coroner investigation and Coroner inquest. The passing of the runner will certainly be investigated. Depending on the circumstances around his passing, pre-existing condition, inadequate risk management or mis-management, this will all be looked at. It will take a bit more for it to be in inquest. It is however something that can be be requested if you feel it is in the best interest of future participants/runners to this organisation (or any for that matter) to be investigated on their practise.

    If there IS a coroner inquest, it will be published in The Courier-Mail. It is still too early.

    I encourage all to follow this link

    Thoughts are with the family of the deceased.


  • KEVIN HILL says:

    I am the father of the late Steven Hill who is in the first picture of your race report, he is in the lead of this group or 15km runners and is wearing a blue singlet and white long compression socks. Steven died from Hyperthermia in this race, he left the course less than 800m from the finish and collapsed just of the beach in a bush track. He would have been amongst the first 5 runners at this stage. He was a very tall person, around 6ft 4in so would probably have been noticed leaving the beach too early perhaps in confusion.
    Would any of the lead runners who may have noticed him please contact me on 0424610090.

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