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The day started in the dark with five competitors setting off an hour earlier in the 46k event. They were privileged to see a fantastic sun rise over the beautiful calm blue rippling waters of Moreton Bay.

I was out on the beach measuring for each different event, so was not aware of the excitement back at the start/finish area. As well I can only comment on the pace and progress of the early runners. Glen Prentice ran to the lead looking strong and comfortable with his wife Marlene next closely followed by the power walker, Peter Bennett. Libby and Mallani were chatting and jogging while admiring the dolphins playing alongside.

On reaching the 46k turn around Glen was surprised he had not been caught by the faster runners, yet he was still travelling strongly at around 6min/k, while Peter had passed Marlene walking with determination. After Marlene had turned, I moved down to the other distance turning markers topping bottles and supplying coke.

Everyone I spoke with expressed their satisfaction with the proceedings and the beautiful day, but sadly the wind was intensifying again.

I did again one of my past “Claim to Fame” things. Having to be pulled off the beach. But this time by the Ranger boss and his counterpart. And sadly it was due to a mechanical failure, not my poor sand driving ability. Unable to restart the car, I was driven back to the start/finish area by the Ranger where finishers were gathering while applauding other finishers.

The morning progressed slowly with the handing out of some great random prizes while all the placings were finalised.

As this event has progressed through the years, we have attempted to make things easier and faster for the competitors. With online entering for the first time our presentation system was slower, but we will work on it. So thanks for everyone’s patience as we moved slowly through each event.

We were slow, yet the wind was travelling at a rapid speed through the area.

Presentations completed, competitors farewelled one another returning to their warm homes, or the next place to camp for the competitors travelling through.

We dismantled the area and retrieved my vehicle under tow back to the park.

We decided to pack the trailer and car with all the gear and tow me back onto the road hoping to pull start. That did not work but with some other under the bonnet tampering and fingers crossed it started and we limped home.

The event went well, there are always areas to improve which I will look into, but overall most expressed their satisfaction.

Although numbers were lower than the record set last year, it was still a nice day.

Online there were 131 registrations with 2 extra on the day.

Thanks and appreciation to:

  • Healthworld,  makers and distributes of Endura, for their continued support and great random prizes
  • Bribie Island Bowls Club again for their support.
  • Bribie Island Caravan Park, again supporting the event
  • Woorim Bakehouse for supplying the bread and rolls for the barbie.
  • Woorim Beach Meats for the again great sausages
  • Caboolture Screen Printers work on the T-shirts.
  • Run for Your Life (R4YL) subscriptions

Personal thanks to Kerrie and Paul Morris, Michael Schultz, Rae Edmondson, Craig Welch and Greg Waite for all their had work setting up, dismounting, timing, cooking, course surveillance, web site, computer assistance and general helping where and whenever need. Thanks to my wife Betty who managed through the strong wind keeping a pleasant face during hard times in all the tasks she took on.

Remember competitors, no matter how tough you feel the event is or how hard you are hurting, without volunteers at events, there would be none. So in your own little way after reading this, stop and say “Thanks”.

I hope you enjoy your day, if so please return next year. If you feel there are areas for improvement, please forward your suggestions, for we are out there making it enjoyable for “U”. Cheers

The results have been published.

Keep up your running


Geoff Williams

Race Director.

Francis Harvey and some of his family (picture credit: Tim Miller)




4 Responses to 2011 Bribie Beach Bash Report

  • Parso says:

    Thanks Geoff and Betty, and all your helpers for another great event. Caboolture Road Runners always try to support this local community run and the fact that it raises funds for Endeavour is wonderful. We’ll be back next year for sure!

  • Geoff says:

    Thanks Parso & Caboolture Road Runners for supporting the Bribie Beach Bash again this year. I did get to mingle with some of the members, others I missed, sorry.
    C u all again next year on the 7th, better & stronger.
    Thanks again

  • Helga Dalla says:

    Hey Geoff, Betty and every precious helper on the day…awesome job. Must have to say special thanks to Geoff for ‘appearing’ out of nowhere with some cold Coke…just when my tank was almost empty…
    Thanks to tim at Dream Sport Photography as well and of course the sponsors.
    Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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