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2010 Bribie Beach Bash Results

Unfortunately times are not available. Here are the place getters in each category. Well done to all competitors!

46 K
1 M John Pearson
2 M Kelvin Marshall
3 M Michael Stocker
1 F Susannah Harvey-Jamieson

42.2 K
1 M Rob Partridge
2 M Paul Dack
3 M Anthony Banfield
1 F Lisa Hussey

1 M Tony Shaw
2 M Gregory Truloff
3 M Matt Archer
1 F Trish Russell
2 F Heidi Shoecraft
3 F Bronwyn Platz

15 K
1 M Andy Jeffrey
2 M Matt Winter
3 M Tim O’Connor
1 F Margaret Bhugon
2 F Sue Jones
3 F Helga Della

10 K
1 M George Rounthwaite
2 M David Scroope
3 M Bruce Cook
1 F Tammy Tobin
2 F Pamela Murch
3 F Joanne Barrett

6 K
1 M Aaron Marshall
2 M Ian McKee
3 M Jacob Caruana
1 F Linda Bateson
2 F Paulie Hogan
3 F Sharon Gray

1 M Laimon Eglentals
2 M Brennan Griffin
3 M Matthew Bradford
1 F Morgan Eidrett
2 F Jessica Bradford
3 F Hannah Gottsmann


12 Responses to 2010 Bribie Beach Bash Results

  • David says:

    Will the rest of the place results be available at some point to see what place we came? (without times)

  • Sue says:

    Hi, Can you please put up the list of ticket numbers we were handed over the finish line and the corresponding times if you have it? Those of us that remember our ticket numbers will then be able to work out our place and time. Thanks.

  • Antony Banfield says:

    I’m offended! First and probably the only marathon I’ll ever take out first place and I get relegated to 3rd! Is that my handicap? I’m just kidding. Great day out guys.

  • Nicole says:

    Could you please tell us if you have the times for those who came in much later then place getters? I was really wanting to know my time, is there any chance of that happening? Nicole Abbott.

  • Geoff says:

    To everyone attending the Bribie Beach Bash on Sunday, I am so very sorry for the confussion.
    We are attempting to salvage what is possible from the result sheets, sadly two ideas with neither jelling.
    Please be patient attempts are being made.
    Let me say thank you to everyone for attending, hope you enjoyed the event and will return on the 2nd Oct 2011.
    This experience will not happen again.
    Thanks for your support and understanding.

  • john pearson says:

    hi Geoff

    my time for the 46k was 3.44, if that helps.
    I am sure kel,and most others could tell you their times, which would at least help peice together some placings.

    cheers john

  • Tony Hutchins says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for a good day and my time for the half was 1h 50 mins if thats any use to you.

    Thanks again Tony .

  • Jack Blair Swannell says:

    Hi geoff

    It was a great day of running and thank you, i came 4th in the 10km race. But, It has not come up as that on the website here, i know there was a mix up with the times, thats ok. My number was 4F on the day.

    thanks Jack

  • madonna Faux says:

    Geoff and team, thanks for a great run. I was last (as usual) so my time for the half maybe of some help. 3hrs 11mins. Thanks again for all the organisation. Madonna

  • Bill Buchan says:

    Hey geoff
    I was f34 in the 15( obviously,) in 1.17 just wondering if you can work out my place and the field size ,cheers Bill.

  • nikki says:

    hey, Just wondering if you could please tell me the date for this years Bribie Beach bash? I am from New Zealand and competed in the 10km race last year, I want to do it again…


  • Geoff says:

    Hi Nikki, Thanks for your interest in the 2011 Bribie Beach Bash.
    The date for the Bribie Beach Bash is 3rd Oct 2011
    Hope to c u again.
    Cheers Geoff

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