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2009 Historical Village Dusk to Dawn Event

Queensland, beautiful by day, excellent at night. That’s right, a great night with a near full moon and star filled sky, and no rain. What a great place to hold this “15th Dusk to Dawn Event”.

As the competitors arrived and the time leading up to the start shortened, official business had to be addressed including the recognition of the passing of a great athlete, competitor and supporter, Andrew Ludwig. A slide show was happening prior to and after the start, for those who knew Andrew to remember some of his moments around the Historical Village.

Following a minute’s silence, the President of the Historical Society Roger Dustan was introduced welcoming everyone and wished them well before handing the starting procedure over to the local Councillor, Greg Chippendale who, after a short speech, started the event with the traditional ringing of the cow bell.

Bob Whitehouse and family continued ringing a number of varied sized cow bells during the first lap. The variety of sounds was harmonious.

Toeing the line were 55 competitors made up of 16 solo 12hrs, 16 solo 6hrs, 3 solo 50ks, 17 teams 3 x 2hrs and 3 teams 2 x 3hrs. Two walkers were in the 12 hour, one walker in the 6 hour, and three walking teams in the 3 x 2hr relay. One gentleman was to start at midnight. This made a total of 93 entries, sadly down on previous years.

The bells were rung, the clocks started, the adrenalin rushed as the dust rose slightly with the stampede from the start, as lapscorers keenly looked for their competitor to make that time for first lap, to be followed with many more.

The rules were changed this year for the teams, allowing competitors to split their time on the track. This proved helpful to some whilst painful for others.

The competitors circulated appearing trouble free, well, that was from my observation. Maybe not in reality for some unfortunately withdrew in the first hour, hopefully from nothing serious.

As the hours ticked away the trained stronger competitors came to the fore while the more sedate competitors continued, hopeful of achieving their goal.

Some early challengers interested onlookers especially relay runners for their speed. Peter Hunt and Ian Kent always displayed their running skills, while further down the line was another tussle between the walking teams of Wy Wurry Walkers who have over the years strongly supported the event. The teams, whether all male, female or mixed always prove challenging and sometimes conclude in great surprise. I refer to the 2 of Us – Tina and Eerio 2nd place. They are solo runners in their own right but injuries prevented solo attempts, so they joined forces.

As mentioned before with Peter and Ian they represent two different teams and areas. Peter is from Toowoomba “Mountain Men” and Ian from the Caboolture Road Runners in Black. Their second team Caboolture Road Runners Gold, made up the team colours.

In the 50k solo event there were three competitors, two of whom were female.

Through the years when one read or heard this name you would automatically know she would be up with the front runners, nothing has changed. Toowoomba lady Tressa Lindberg’s 50k run was nothing short of fantastic. Shadowing her, another Toowoomba lady Julie McCallum displayed her ease in covering the k’s and as Ron Grant said great running style.

The walking brilliance of Peter Bennett was once again displayed in his 12 hour event.  Greatly missing his mate, he joined up with a colleague Iggy Jimenez who entered the 6 hour. His campaign was shortened with knee trouble but at different time during those four hours on track displayed great shoulder to do speed walking.

As the night progressed competitors withdrew, others failing to meet their goal with events concluding, while in the 12 hour event competitors pushed on, now joined by Barry Trayner.

The track was good with the moon glowing through the star filled sky shinning the sweat on the bare skin, making the event look so effortless for some.

Looking over the spreadsheet you can not help to notice some ups and downs in performances thinking some are weakening while others are growing in strength. Some closed the gap while others broadened it. Great strength was displayed in the last two hours by all front runs in keeping their composure. John, Susannah and Roger were strong to the finish with Roger only 10 laps down on Susannah who closed within 6 laps. I am sure she knew where she was positioned. Peter again displaying his great walking ability was only 3 laps off 100k, while further back Kelvin was troubled with back pain allowing Elizabeth to close the gap. The ever consist Geoff Last was troubled with something showing 12 months on not favouring him, where on the other hand well traveled smiling Canberra man Billy Pearce improved. Ian Valentine looked strong and consistent, and might be in training for bigger things. New boy from Coffs way Steel was strong and consistent early. Suffering badly with chaffing he pushed on to the finish, I applaud your persistence.

Presentations were as per the spreadsheet, noting both John Pearson and Susannah Harvey-Jamieson recorded their Personal Best (PB) times at this event.

Due to the passing of a great sportsman and competitor, Andrew, this year we introduced a new 12 hr walker’s category:

“The Andrew Ludwig Memorial Trophy

Caboolture Historical Village

Dusk to Dawn 12 Hour Walker

This was ¬†proudly presented to one of Andrew’s greatest mates on and off the track, whilst acknowledging the highest of respect to each other in competition, Peter Bennett 2009.

In conclusion, the track was good, the weather was hot and dry, and the competitors were supportive of each other displaying great sportsmanship. These little bits help making my task easier.

Although numbers were down and finances not yet finalized we still hope to present the Historical Village Society a cheque for around $1200.00. Thanks for your support

I wish to thank The Historical Village Society for the venue and preparation, to all lapscorers and crew people, Michael Schultz for your devotion to time keeping, Endura for your great products, Woolworths Morayfield for the lapscorers refreshments, CJ’S Pastries Caboolture for their great buns. Last but not least my greatest supporter very ill wife Betty for all your involvement.

Hope to see you all with your friends in 2010.

Thank you

Geoff Williams. Check out upcoming events.

Race Director


2 Responses to 2009 Dusk to Dawn Race Director’s Report

  • Tamyka says:

    Great report, Geoff. Congratulations to all competitors and organisers/helpers, and my deepest sympathies to those close to Andrew Ludwig.

  • lindsay phillips says:

    Hi Geoff..
    Thanks again to both you & Betty for another great event. Congratulations to John & Sussanah on their good consistent form. If you’re speaking with Andrew’s wife at all in the next few weeks please pass on my deepest condolances. Yours in running, Lindsay
    PS. I am planning to do the 48 in July, & hoping to beat my pb of 252 — “by lots & lots” (& can’t wait)!!!

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